Auto Insurance Key Factors that can Drive up your Car Insurance Costs

If for some reason you really want to pay the world’s highest insurance premium for your auto this will help you do it.

10) Buy the most expensive, bright red vehicle you can afford and get full coverage with little or no deductible.

9) Check with consumer reports and find the vehicle most likely to be stolen. Buy that vehicle and move to the Arizona border – Arizona is currently number 1 for stolen vehicles.

8) Tell your insurance agent that if the coverage is available you want the best there is – the most coverage possible with the smallest deductibles. Towing, rental reimbursement, medical, gap, custom stereo, accidental death and dismemberment and disability coverage too.

7) Customize, customize, customize: paint jobs, lift the suspension or turn it into a "low rider", anything that can be chromed, chrome it and don’t forget to tell your agent you want it ALL covered.

6) Get a reverse rate quote – call around and get quotes from everyone. Choose the company with the highest rates – after all everyone knows "you get what you pay for" so why would anyone want the cheapest policy.

5) Speeding tickets – "but officer I thought that was the MINIMUM speed limit."

4) Change insurance companies every six months – no long term customer discounts for you and to be sure you get the highest rates let your old policy lapse for 30 days before replacing your insurance.

3) Run up all your credit cards to the max and then don’t pay for a few months – many insurance companies use credit to determine your rate – the worse your credit is the higher your auto rates are.

2) Add teenage boys to your policy. The more the merrier. No driver’s ed classes and grades that are no better than a "C" average (2.0). Don’t have any teenage boys – well, get a boy or girl friend who is a single parent and add their teens to your policy along with Mom or Dad, if you meet them in traffic court, even better . Not enough teens, become a foster parent and only accept teen age boys with driver’s licenses.

1) Go to the local bar and have a couple, before you leave call the local police department and tell them you saw a drunk get in their car and drive away. Describe the vehicle with license plate number and the direction you plan to go. Get in the car and drive away and make sure you cut in and out of traffic and take turns going real slow and real fast. When the police stop your vehicle, throw up on their shoes and/or clothes and then give the police a great big wet one full on the lips. When you finally get out of jail be sure you call your insurance agent and brag about how you spent YOUR weekend and all the interesting people you met. Repeat as needed with as many insurance companies as necessary.

Obviously, if you want lower rates do the opposite!