Auto Insurance Key Factors that can Drive up your Car Insurance Costs

So you’ve paid the bills this month, added up the checking and savings account, and come to the conclusion you have too much money lying around. No problem. Following are the top 10 ways (in no particular order) to drive up your car insurance costs.

1. Speed. Speed often. Speed by the police station. Get caught. Don’t talk your way out of the ticket. Go 17 over (in most states they won’t take you to jail).

2. Buy a sports car. Make it red one. And a convertible while you’re at it. Not only will you be happy to junk that old Impala you used to drive, your insurance adjuster will happily charge you more for your monthly coverage.

3. Move. Find the highest crime location you can and watch your full-coverage insurance premiums soar.

4. Add a sixteen-year-old driver to your insurance. The best candidates are students with low grades and an admitted cell-phone dependency.

5. Drink and Drive. Get caught. Go ahead and blow. Your primary insurance carrier will probably drop you and you’ll have the exciting and challeging task of finding a nice, new, high-fee carrier to take you on.

6. Get into accidents. Make sure you’re at fault. Hit parked cars at the supermarket. For a double bonus, follow too close and rear end someone. Then, you’re also pegged an "aggressive driver" which will help you driving record take a plunge faster.

7. Increase your engine size. Boost your horsepower. Add some nitrous to that puppy. Make your insurance company think you’re a speed demon and watch your rate go up.

8. Buy a sport bike. No particular one. Just make sure it’s fast and the latest motorcycle of choice by the local daredevil motorcycle acrobats club.

9. Add a $4000 stereo system to your car and ask your insurance to cover it.

10. Increase your annual mileage. The more you drive, the more wear and tear, the higher your premium. So go ahead, drive to the corner market. You might gain those extra pounds you’ve been longing for as well.