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15 Tips to Reduce Your Automotive Expenses

With all this talk of recession, unemployment, and a tough job market, folks have become dispirited with all of this negative propaganda.

Good news… If you are looking for ways to save money in any way you can, then I have already written articles providing you with loads of free advice on how to reduce your automotive expenses. Read on…

Hydrogen Gas Generator for Your Car!

With the rising costs of auto fuel, I decided to try using hydrogen as a means of supplemental power for my car. Here’s my story…

Acetone as Fuel Additive for Better Miles-Per-Gallon

After trying it out on the long-term, I found that using acetone did not adversely effect my car’s performance or maintenance.

Stop Engine Wear? Use a By-Pass Oil Filter!

By-pass oil filtration is an inexpensive technology that virtually stops wear and tear on your engine. As an added benefit, it offers the equivalent effect of an oil change for every 10 minutes you drive your car!

The Scam on Biodiesel Engine Conversion

All that this horrendously expensive equipment does is heat your biodiesel fuel. This is not converting the car.

Evaporated Water-Alcohol Infusion for Your Car – Try Before Hydrogen Gas or Water Injection

“Evaporated water-alcohol infusion (EWAI) is a cheap, low-tech alternative to water injection. It offers you more power from your car engine and generally enhances fuel economy, too. “

Power & Efficiency for Your Car’s Engine: Water Injection

This is a de-geeked explanation of what water injection is, and how it works.

Homebrewed Biodiesel? Yep, it Can Be Done!

Heard about biodiesel but think it’s a bunch of hogwash? Heard about folks making this stuff at home and wondering whether it was for real? Take some time to read this. This is a real-life Big Johnny story about free fuel for your (diesel) car or truck.

The big motor companies would have you believe “their way” is the only way. Read on for more on this and home-brewed biodiesel.

48 MPG and Still Going Strong

When I first saw the manufacturer’s 38 MPG in-town and 48 MPG on-the-road, I was thrilled. When I found out my car actually performed better, I was astounded!

Pre-Heating Biodiesel Fuel for Your Car

While fuel pre-heating may work great for biodiesel, how does it work when you burn regular diesel fuel? My suggestion: you can give it a try, but at your own risk.

Block Heater: Warm Your Car in Winter Without Turning a Key

Save on wear and tear on the engine during winter. Turn the key. The engine fires immediately and in a few seconds drive off into the cold with a warm engine and warm air blowing into the cabin.

Winter Car Survival Kit: Safety for You & Your Family

It’s a bad day if you end up getting stranded on the road in the car. It’s a deadly day if you travel without a survival kit for you and your loved ones. What kind of day it will be for you and your family is up to you.

Winterize Your Car: A Safety Issue for You & the Family

Winterize your car, and do a good job of it. Why? Because there’s no limit to what you would do to ensure safety for you and your loved ones. Right? Read on…

Is it Really Necessary to “Convert” Your Diesel Car for Biodiesel?

I write this article to possibly debunk the idea (misconception?) that you absolutely have to convert you car for biodiesel, and thus possibly save you thousands of hard-earned dollars in the meantime.

How Much Power Your Car Needs at 65 Vs. 60 MPH? Try 27% More Power!

Driving slower really does save on gas consumption! Wind and mechanical resistance builds up with every 1 MPH you drive. Try 5 MPH for a fuel efficiency killer! I provide mathematical proof AND proof from my own car.

Save money and…. have fun!