Avafx Monthly Rebate Cashback

Avafx is a well known and trustworthy Forex Broker on market. It is working with the “Financial Services Authority”. Through the help Avafx operate with the Ava auto-trader platform. Ava auto trading platform is amongst the most extensively used platform in the business of forex trading. Usage of this platform has many benefits. Like, by using the automatic trading you are able to operate forex automatically still you are away from the computer. These three Expert Advisors i.e. FAP Turbo, Forex Forex Shocker & Megadroid are found very famous and these can be used with Avafx. Avafx creates money on extras and commissions. On trading with big turnover, your broker makes large amount of cash from trading. Think, if want to have the discounts or cashbacks on all your money the broker is building from the trading.

Off course “YES” Just has a look on the below mentioned calculation as example:

Suppose if you opened an account by that tenders 0.6 pip discounts on per roundtrip of lot traded. 1 pip equals to US $10 approximately while trading with pairs of EURUSD, EURGBP and EURCHF. With consent if you deposited US $5000 on an account. The estimate shows that trader will go round more than 20 Lots / US $1000 every month on the account while using Megadroid & FAP Turbo. Presuppose if the trader earn 100 lots for every month on the account US $5000.
You will get month wise cash rebate for the 1st month as calculated hereunder:

0.2x10x100 = USD 200

The yearly ROI will be as 200×12/5000 which is 50% per annum, the only profit from cash- rebates.

The figure is with very conventional shape because it not acquired any multiplication at all and presumes 0 growths from the expert advisors. Presuming a month wise increase payment of 20% which you can construct US $6000 per annum by using this program.  The best reward of using the program is to facilitate you to generate profits on volume not on the winning rates only.

Signing up is free – 100% and the spreads / commission will remain the same even after joining this program. So there is actually no ground why not to join. It is simple as the money waiting for you to be collected.

There are many brokers connected with Cashback Forex, Avafx is also one of them. The Trader can also declare for cashback from the following brokers: Avafx, Alpari UK, Etoro, Dukascopy, X Forex, FXCBS, FXDD, FXCM, Fxopen, GallantFX, Fx Pro, Marketiva, Go Markets, Tadawul FX.

As forex trader, sign up for the program at the moment and start to receiving benefits of cashback system and find a little money reversed by your brokers. Signing up is simple and easy. You can join this by filling the form online by giving personal details, Business details etc. It will take hardly five minutes time.

To gain more knowledge about the program and to sign up, visit the below mentioned link:

Get Monthly Rebate  with Avafx