Avoid the Uncertainty of Global Financial Squabbling

Bitcoin is becoming popular because it is so very tiring to hear again and again about governments worldwide who have mismanaged public funds, and thereby public trust, and this method offers an alternative. Bitcoin avoids central authorities and issuers so that world governments who binge on credit are not a factor regarding owning one’s personal money.

This virtual currency is not rooted in “God We Trust” so we can avoid that argument and get down to business. The value is inherent in the mutual confidence of the users.

It’s greatest attribute is the way it out-dates the typical dinosaur economic models, who must pause long enough to house some actual creative and constructive thinking. This hard-to-counterfeit storage of currency has many advantages. The government cannot confiscate it after it has overspent, the banks cannot charge customers for checking account errors, and currently the demand is increasing over the supply. Financial speculators are adding Bitcoins to their tool chests alone with their securities, futures, and derivatives.

Global financial turmoil and government and banking leaders are headlining the public distrust. Since it is the independent person who pays their taxes that governments and banks parasitically live off of, this is an excellent method of economic conduct worldwide.

While it is true that Bitcoin is experimental, it does feature instant payments accessible to anyone with a paper or hardware wallet, anywhere in the world. The Bitcoin handles all transactions virtually. Bitcoin uses “Public-Key Cryptography” by a process of signing over from one address to another.

Wallets are made with security measures built in against loss and theft. There are paper wallets and hardware wallets. A user is issued a secret number referred to as a private key. Some number savvy users memorize their private keys to lessen the ability of others taking advantage of them by accidentally misplacing the information, or intentionally hacking.

By going to bitaddress.org one can get started. Blockchain.info offers a tutorial on how to generate a paper wallet. Crypto-currency is the name of this new fangled concept for payment of goods and services, or repayment of any debt in any country. Bitcoin is independent of national allegiances, therefore one can avoid the current uncertainty of global financial squabbling.

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Currently there is much discussion about use of Bitcoin currency on mobile devices. It crashes when users don’t want it to crash, and there are concerns for security so we must wait this out before using mobile devices as cavalierly as office computers or laptops.