Avoiding Debt for Christmas Avoiding Christmas Debt Christmas Debt

Christmas rolls around every year. For most of us we have a set amount of people we buy gifts for. In our family with 8 kids, 3 grandkids and 1 more grandchild on the way, 2 sons in laws and 2 daughters in law this means many presents are purchased. That still isn’t counting the grandparents and a few other relatives that invariably show up right around the holiday’s for a visit. Our solutions are very simple, here is our strategy.

Buy year round

The best way we have found to avoid debt for Christmas is to purchase gifts year round. As you are making those weekly purchases keep the family members you normally purchase gifts for in mind. If you see something that is on sale or well within your budget for any of the people on your list, buy it. As long as you are not taking away from your bill paying budget or your food budget this will save you many dollars in the long run. Simply find a great place to store your early purchased gifts and you will be well on your way to stocking up for the holiday.

Stock pile

This is also a great way to stock pile a few extra gifts for that office party or any unexpected guest that brings you a gift when you weren’t expecting it. These extra gifts can be as simple as a candle or a simple candy dish filled with some fresh candies at the last minute. Having a few of these ideas handy will ease the stress of going to the office party or the stress of what to do when you don’t have a gift for an unexpected guest. You usually won’t need too many of these extra gifts.

Hand made gifts

Another great strategy is hand made gifts. By starting them in January you are sure to have many ready by next Christmas. Simply begin making them now. It is wise to have a list of what you would like for each person that you plan to make gifts for and start the most difficult hand made gift first. Be sure to know your recipients favorite colors and utilize that to your advantage.

Christmas fund

You can also start a Christmas fund. Put all of your extra earnings, windfalls and even a percentage of your regular earnings into a specifically ear marked account in order to save and use this for a great Christmas shopping adventure.

Avoiding debt at the Christmas season is a great way to have more relaxed holidays and enjoy the time spent with your family. You will find many of these strategies help you save money in the long run and reduce the stress of your holiday season.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holiday season.