Baby p a Child Tortured and Abused to Death

Peter Connelly was only 17 months when he was abused to death by his step father and own mother who allowed the abuse to take place. Peter Connelly was staying in a flat with his mother, an over-weight lady who never had any full time job, his step father and his step father’s brother. He was tortured so heavily and was beaten to death.  The people sent to check on him have described him as a beautiful and happy baby but he had 8 broken ribs, missing finger nails, broken back and torn ear lobe and was paralyzed from waist to below. There were 18 separated items of his clothes with blood stain. Peter Connelly was born 7lbs and 11 ounces on March 1st 2006 in Haringey, London.

Peter’s father separated with his mother after 3months of his birth because she was having an affair. On June 17th, Peter’s father left the house. Oct 13th Peter was taken to the hospital with bruises on his head and his mom said he fell. Peter’s mom’s 32 yrs old Nazi collective boyfriend moved in at the end of the year 2006. Just a few days after that, Peter was taken to hospital again with bruises on his buttocks, right shoulder, head and nose injury. Again his very good acting mom said he fell. On 15th December Peter was released to his mom’s friend’s care, Angela Godfrey.  After that on 19th Dec 2006, Peter’s mom and grandma was charged with child neglect and assault. Jan 26 2007, Peter was released to his mom’s care while she was on bail. This sounds ridiculous for she was arrested for the child’s abuse and he was released back to her. Peter’s mother strongly said that she is a damn good mother.

Peter was visited 60 times by the social services. However, not even once they realized the bruises and the pain the little child was suffering. One time, Peter was not examined carefully by the doctor for he was noted to be miserable and cranky. Peter’s father who got to know on the small child’s sufferings even tried to kidnap him to release him from the torture but the mother called police and he had to let go. Peter’s stepdad was in a mission to make and train little Peter as a strong man and his trainings are inclusive of slicing off the top of his finger tips and pulling out his nail with pliers. Not only that, autopsy revealed that Peter was kicked in his private part so hard with a blue black mark on it. Peter step dad would bite his head to train his Rottweiler’s to attack him. Another autopsy report proved he had few cuts in his head by a dog or human bite.

Peter’s step father also loves to play with him in boring moments by throwing the child 6ft to the ground. Peter’s step dad snapped his spine into two because Peter was crying in his cot because he had been in urine and feces for few days.

On the day he died, Peter was punched so hard in the face that he swallowed his own tooth that was found later in his stomach.  At 11.35am, Peter’s mom called for an ambulance and the child was found in a bloody cot. He died on the way to the hospital.