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Introduction Auto loans are actually secured loans. The car which the lending individual bought with the loan are being used as a security for such loans. For individuals who have bad credit rating, it can be rather difficult to get a secured loan like auto loan. Banks and finance companies have the right to reject auto loans application, so people have to bear in mind that not just everyone will qualify for such loan.

Essentially, when lender consider your application for a car loan, the process of reviewing your application includes going through your credit history in order to learn what kind of lending individual are you. The lenders have to take this into consideration, especially in a situation of worldwide credit tightening in bad times. Although they are less willing to lend money to you, it does not mean that it is impossible. If they do lend the money to you, a higher interest rate will be imposed with the car or auto loan because of your bad credit report.

How to get an auto loan? So a lending individual who has bad credit rating will have a harder times to get a loan approved. You just have to approach many lenders and request for a loan quote. Currently, you need not go to the physical banks or finance companies for the quote, you can do it on the Internet electronically. Be completely upfront about your situation and how you came about having that rating. You may also want to be up front about your current ability to be able to service the loan and information in relation to the amount of money you are making monthly. It is advisable to include the other loans you may have.

Compare interest rates So after you obtained the quotes from the various finance companies, you are to go through each and every one of them to see which is the best for you in terms of interest rates. Be mindful that they might be other binding condition involved like late repayment penalty and even early repayment penalty, so it is necessary to clarify such conditions.

Usually, when you have bad credit rating, you would have be more than happy if any lenders agreed to approve your loans. You have that thinking that you will not even get a loan. You are absolutely wrong. All you need is to put in some efforts approaching lenders for quotes and thereafter compared them and see which is the lowest. However, this can be your bargaining chip as well. You can tell another company that this is the lowest interest rate offered by another lender to see whether they are ready to lower their interest rate further.

Still unable to find a lender? If you are really unable to find even one lender to approve your auto loan, you should put a substantial amount of down-payment for your car. This not only lightened the amount of money to be lent to you, it also shows the lender you commitment over this purchase and loan. It will be less likely that you will default the loan when you have already put in so much. Substantial down-payment amount cannot be less than five percent of the overall purchase price.

You may also want to include the car dealers for your search for auto loans. Usually, they do have packages with attractive discounts when you obtain loans through them. The most popular incentive when getting the loans through car dealers are cash back. The amount given to you as cash back are actually discount from the total interest charged on the purchased price.


Invest the time and effort to get the best deal will saves you a great deal of money. Get quotes from lenders on the Internet to save you the trouble from going around. But you have to remember to highlight to them that you have a relatively poor credit rating for their consideration. is one of the website that enable you to get some of the quotes for auto loan for your consideration and decision.