Bad Shopping Habits

Shopping is the past time of many people, both men and women. It is fun and sometimes necessary.

As in many activities, there are good habits and bad ones too.  Some shoppers have some very bad habits, and that makes the adventure costly. 

Here are some bad habits to avoid.  If you have limited funds, don’t spend over your limit. Every shopping trip should have a limit, as to time and expense. If you shop all day, and have no cash to spend, the temptation to overspend with credit cards is present. Always make it a priority to schedule time and expense when shopping.

Charge cards are nice to own. However, there is a chance that overspending might make those charge cards very costly. If you are shopping and find an item on sale and charge it, you might be paying more than full price for the item. Why is this true?  Charge cards have interest accruing when they are paid off in monthly installments.That interest could add up to more than the item would have sold for at its original price. Limit the charges when shopping.

Grocery shopping is another bad habit. This is true if you go to the store daily. Make your list, and stick to it.  Go to the store on a regular basis, such as once a week.  According to “Consumer Reports,” shoppers spend more money when they shop daily.

Shop for bargains at the grocery store. Do not buy an over abundance of products. They have a shelf date, and if you do not use them by that date, they are usually not at their best flavor.  If it is a deal, make sure that you can use all of the product before the expiration date.

Bad shopping habits can make a fun activity into a very costly one. Make sure when you go shopping that you know your limits in cash. On line shopping is no different than store shopping. If you see an item on line, and charge it, you could end up in the same circumstances. Check shipping costs on line, also. There are occasions when the shipping costs out weighs the cost of the item.

When is a bargain a bargain?  It is only a bargain when it actually costs less than the original price tag.

Don’t overstock. This is a bad habit of some shoppers. They purchase items, even though they do not need them. Some shoppers have a literal store in their own house. Make sure that you are not a compulsive shopper.

Shopping is a great past time, but remember to keep the bad shopping habits at home.