Bail Outs for Home Owners Facing Foreclosure – No

The key word is “fair”. Of course it’s not fair that I have to help someone who made unwise decisions and now has to be bailed out. It may not be fair, but I would rather see these people get help than see them lose their homes.

The world is not fair. How many times did you tell your kids this as they were growing up? It’s not fair that in life we make so many bad choices and then have to suffer the consequences. It’s a wonderful thing when you’re forgiven your bad choices and helped out of a tough spot; whether it be financial or emotional.

Drive down the streets of your town and count the number of churches on just one of these streets. I’m always telling my husband that I don’t understand how there can be so many churches which would indicate the town is filled with Christians yet the world has so much evil happening. In my Christian upbringing I thought we were a people of charity of heart.

I am diligently paying my bills and struggling each month to make sure that nothing is late or goes unpaid. It is my belief that to not pay a bill would be like stealing from someone. Being on retirement puts me on a very tight budget. Mentioning this is only to relate to you that my decision of seeing help offered to others that need help is not due to an excess of funds but because whether it’s fair or not fair I feel it is the right thing to do. I do not want to see my neighbors lose their home. Everyone deserves a second chance.

There have to be limits placed on these bail outs but that is another whole subject matter. I would like to see the Government helping some of us “average middle class citizens” out of tight spots instead of only giving aid to the large companies. If the Government is going to bail out the “Big Million Dollar Companies”, why not help the little guys? It doesn’t seem fair to me that so many people in this country are losing jobs and homes but not getting any kind of bail out like that which was offered the large corporations. When did we the people begin to be worth less than the large corporations?

It’s easy during these tough times to point fingers and look the other way. No one, rich or poor, is spending the way they did in years past, but are having to tighten their budget. I understand your frustrations but I say let’s not forget that it could be us facing a foreclosure because of today’s current economy. If it were you, would you deny yourself the help offered to save your home? Fairness isn’t the issue of bail outs for home owners, but is the issue of need for those who bailouts help, and it being the right thing to do.