Bailout Money Needed

SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM 2109                                        

Government is bailing out the banks and the auto companies, so why not bail out the American people with a social security bailout plan? 

Social Security Reform 2109 is an opportunity for the Government to do just that. By the government allowing for the right to act as a credit agency for its citizens by insuring them today with life insurance which collects at the time of their death. The plan would infuse new money into Social Security quickly thus enabling us to cover more people and expanding the plans benefits over time.

The plan will take 100 years to fully implement; here is where it can start. It would be mandatory that all new borne children be given a new social security card with a “new series of numbers and letter” to distinguish the new children of America from the old series of social security numbers. 

The numbers used by our government today have not been as closely regulated over the years as they should have been and need revamping. Identity theft is a problem as well as an abundance of illegal social security numbers being used in America and abroad.  

The benefit would begin immediately with all legal newborn American children here and abroad, registering for a new card and receiving government sponsored health care would mandate state and federal sponsorship. 

The cost for the registration of the card and the voluntary enrollment into the health plan private insurance carriers would be minimum. The premium would be minimal and additional benefits would be affordable by all people.

Children would still require catastrophic coverage purchased privately in the early stages of the plan, but subsequent participation benefits become available and the need to supplement would be less likely. 

The SS Fund would become infused with fresh money both by the life insurance benefit and also by the mandatory enrollment. The life insurance benefit would be voluntary but the enrollment for the new card would not. Eventually elder care would be the next focus for the plan and would widen to encompass a larger Medicaid benefit for seniors.

There would be less of a need to purchase supplemental insurance and long term care would be guaranteed to all seniors who sign up for the new card benefits. Healthcare for life would be the goal for each child and security for life for each senior.  

The card would require that it is renewed every year or how many years our Congress deems prudent for the renewal process to be effective and cost efficient to the public. The Social Security Card we now carry would eventually be a card of the past.

This new card would give a credit to everyone who wants health care in exchange for life insurance paid out at their death. Funds and premiums would be collected from private insurance companies for their policies and registered with the social security card.  

Actuarial tables would be drawn to determine a new life expectancy and the cost for benefits for the new borne child. Different plans would allow for different levels of participation.  

The card holder not only receives citizenship with their new social security card but they could also receive healthcare; a secure identity protection plan as well as the redemption life plan paid out to their survivors and government. All renewals are done on a timely basis much like the renewal of a driver’s license is done today.

If the card is not renewed, the citizenship could be revoked and access to public schools, medical facilities and work related issues denied. The laws that govern the United States are fair and our Bill of Rights protects our rights as citizens against foul play or insurance fraud.  

Our country can guarantee the fairness and the civility of this process and give hope that this benefit and process could be accomplished legally. Our legal system is one of the  great systems in the world that could execute this plan.

We would soon become the envy of all nations and I could see this process developing in other countries as well as a result of our leadership. We need to allow more freedom of choice for our citizens in order to create great resources to develop all over the world.

A government body overseeing this money would be separate from all other branches of government that now exist. Private insurance companies would partner with the Federal and State Government agencies in this creation and overview.

I would suggest that only American based insurance companies be allowed issuance of citizenship insurance for Americans. Benefits to the insured would grow, as would the fund; eventually to be shared by everyone in the form of Social Security and Universal Health Care privatized.

Here is an example of how benefits could change for the prenatal mother and newborn children. In the beginning the prenatal mothers could opt for the new plan. They would be given full medical care while pregnant and the new baby would have medical insurance from birth for the remaining of his/her life.

The mother’s medical insurance would end after pregnancy in the beginning stages of the plan but could be extended on a paid for voluntarily basis much like the childs. Private insurance would still be needed for catastrophic events but this would eventually not be necessary and would drastically lower the cost for family health insurance today, it would also allow for customized plans to develop which I believe is another tool for cost savings. 

Business would receive a voucher for every child or adult covered by the new plan, creating a tax savings for businesses. This plan would create new jobs in health care. It would help to remove the high cost of child birth today from traditional major medical insurance and the rising cost associated with the risk of infant mortality.

The high cost of OBGYN care in America is outrageous and it is dragging down the entire health care system in our Nation. The rising costs related to all conventional forms of medical mal practice, law suites and insurance premiums is also exasperating the problem. We need to find a way to remove routine prenatal care and neo natal care from traditional insurance.

New money would become available for areas in research and development for new cures for diseases and for problems with rising cost for maternity and childbearing.  

Legislative enforcement dollars could be created now to get this process moving. The new sequence of numbers created would register well with the new data currently be collected from the 2010 census. The time is right to begin this process.

The government’s fund would indeed profit from the death of its citizens much like a family would benefit from the passing of its breadwinner family member while insured with life insurance. In the long run a stronger nation will develop with stronger morals as a result.

The system today has no backup plan, taxes will not work and spending our way out is not an option; given the problem of our Nations rising debt. Our Government is running out of money; we need a money solution and quick. 

The state of old nations will eventually erode from a countries lack of patriotism but new nations with new ideas will evolve and patriotism will be the cornerstone of it’s’ structure. I believe this plan will enrich our lives with hope and love for our country. I am certain it will take time for the idea to grow but it will grow once introduced.

The sooner it is introduced the sooner we can allow our new born children the distinction they deserve as New Americans with their social security funds safe and  health care for generations to come.