Bank Checking Account Reviews Bank of America

In recent years, Bank of America has expanded exponentially, establishing branches nationwide. One of the contributing factors to Bank of America’s success has been their diverse list of checking account options. Striving to provide versatile service for their diverse client base, Bank of America offers four deposit account products including their signature “My Access” Checking, the Bank of America Regular Checking, CampusEdge Checking, Bank of America Advantage Checking and Bank of America Advantage Checking for Seniors.

My Access Checking is perhaps their most popular checking account type. Opening an account is fast and easy, requiring no minimum balance and completely free, with absolutely no direct deposit requirements. Special online offers are available, so be sure to check out their website at to find out what’s available for your area.

The Bank of America regular checking account offers some of the same convenience, providing account holders with unlimited check writing, and the use of any Bank of America ATMs with no fees. Additionally, regular checking account holders will also have the opportunity to trade stocks online for as little as zero dollars with Bank of America’s Investment Services. Not only is Bank of America’s online banking service and bill pay free, account holders will pay no monthly maintenance fee if their balance requirements are met.

For college students, Bank of America offers CampusEdge Checking which is designed for students. All of Bank of America’s services are free for students for a duration of five years while they are enrolled at an accredited educational institution. Proof of enrollment is required, however, so be sure to have your important documents on hand if you’re considering opening up a CampusEdge account.

Bank of America’s Advantage Checking account similarly offers no monthly maintenance or service fees if balance requirements are met; however, customers are also provided with a balance rewards money market account and the option of establishing a premium savings account with an annual cash bonus. In addition, account holders will also benefit from preferred rates on Bank of America’s Certificates of Deposit and IRAs.

Bank of America also offers products specifically designed for individuals over the age of fifty-five. Bank of America’s Advantage Checking for Seniors offers these individuals no monthly maintenance or service fees if balance requirements are met. Also, account holders will be given the option of opening any additional checking or savings accounts at Bank of America for no additional fees.

Overall, Bank of America offers a wide-ranging, all-encompassing list of products available to consumers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Bank of America provides excellent customer service (or as excellent as can be expected from any bank) and technicians are available round the clock to assist you with any questions. For more information, either log on to their website or visit a local branch to learn more about the options that are available to you and will best suit your unique financial needs and goals.