Bank Checking Account Reviews Bank of America

Bank of America DOES have a variety of checking accounts. They have student banking, my acces checking, ebanking and a couple of others. From my own personal experience, please do not bank there.

One of the reasons that you should not bank there is their outrageous fees. I read the fine print of My Access checking and it said that I will not be charged no overdraft fees if I make a deposit after the day I was overdrawn and that the bank will charge me on the 5th day. For example, on Jan. 17 (which was a bank holiday) I was overdrawn by $110.00. I called the customer service number and they told me to deposit funds on jan. 18. I had no money to deposit to cover this overdrawn balance. On Jan. 19, I was charged an overdrawn fee of $35. Why was I charged for this fee when I was not suppose to be charged until the Jan 24 if I did not receive any money by then (which I did). So this bank does not even know what they put in the fine print.

Another reason I stop banking there is that they lied. They told me that they no longer have the courtesy to pay out debit purchases beginning this year. I did some research regarding this and i found out that it began in Aug. 2010 in which I had the option of opting in or opting out of this service. I was suppose to receive a notice from this bank to opt out. So basically they paid for my debit card purchases even if I had no money in my account and I repaid them the next time I got paid. Each time my employer made a direct deposit to the bank, they STOLE most of my money and leave me not enough to survive until I got paid again.

One of my coworkers uses ebanking. With this account you can’t even go to the teller to get small bills or else they will charge you. If you want something smaller then $20, you have to make a purchase then the merchant will give you the small bills you need. When in the world did store merchants become bankers? If you need small bills and prefer small bills you should be allowed to go to the bank and get the bills you need without being charged by walking in the bank.

So, stay away from this bank or else you will have money missing. If you prefer big banks, Wells Fargo is a much better bank/