Bank Checking Account Reviews Chase

Chase Bank offers several different checking account options, hoping to provide the most flexibility and convenience for their customers. Some of their most popular and basic products include their Chase Free Checking, Chase Better Banking, Chase Premier Checking, and Chase Platinum Checking accounts.

For the most convenient checking available, check out Chase’s Free Checking with Direct Deposit account. Not only does this product offer account holders free access to over 8,000 ATM locations nationwide, it also provides them with the option of accessing their bills online, free! Online check images, online statements, and available e-mail alerts are just some of the other great benefits of opening up one of these accounts. Although this product does not provide customers with accumulated interest, no minimum balances are required and no monthly service fees apply with the direct deposit of any regular income. Otherwise, account holders will only be subject to pay a low $6.00 a month rate for service.

Yet another of Chase’s options is the Chase Better Banking Checking Account. This product offers some of the same great features as Chase’s free checking; however, this account also provides customers with accumulated earned interest. Unfortunately, the monthly service rate is slightly higher at $10 a month, but with a combined balance of $5,000 in deposit accounts and other investments, the fees are waived. Alternatively, customers will also find their monthly fees waived if they maintain a minimum balance of $1,500 in the Better Banking account.

Offering much of the same access and many similar features (including accumulated interest), Chase Premier Checking gives account holders the opportunity to waive their monthly service fees with a $15,000 combined average balance in their deposit accounts, investments, loans, and lines of credit. The monthly service fee otherwise varies from $15-$17 depending on whether the account holder elects to receive image statements and check enclosures included in their monthly statements.

For individuals with higher net worth averages, the Chase Premier Platinum Checking account is perhaps the best option. Not only does this product earn interest, it also allows account holders to waive their monthly service fees provided that they maintain a combined average balance of $75,000 or more in all of their accounts at Chase. Otherwise, the monthly fee is $25.

Overall, checking accounts at Chase Bank are available depending on your geographic location. So, be sure to go their website at, or talk to a local branch representative in order to help you better understand the options available to you.