Bank Checking Account Reviews Wamu

When deciding to open a checking account, there are a lot of factors that the average everyday person needs to asses before just joining any bank. You should try to match up how you are going to use the bank and determine what services they offer that best fits your needs. These are the best assets that WaMu presents, that best meet my expectations.

1. Free ATM withdraws – WaMu does not charge you for using a competitors ATM machine. That stops you from getting hit twice with ATM fees, one from your bank and the other from the competitor’s bank. This is by far the best advantage that WaMu has as I travel a lot and may not be in a place that has a lot (if any) WaMu ATM machines.

2. One free overdraft protection – Simply put, this allows you to go into the negative without being penalized by the bank. Everyone slips at least once so it’s nice to know that you get a free-be. It also carries over to the next year if you do not use it.

3. Free checks for life – I like this because I believe that I should not have to pay for those checks. You are receiving my business; you are making money off me so why are you charging me for this service?

4. No minimum balance fees – This is a feature at a lot of banks incorporate that at first doesn’t look to be very much money. But add it up at the end of the year and it’s quite a bit, more than you would want to pay.

5. Free outgoing wire transfer – This should be a big asset to people who do a lot of wire transfers. This feature alone can save you thousands of dollars a year as this is one of the most costly features that banks offer.

6. Free savings account with high APY – This savings account requires no minimum balance and free transfers between your checking. This account only cost a $1.00 to open also, just like your free checking.

Washington Mutual stacks up pretty well with all the competition between banks. It’s nice to see a major bank offer customers a chance to receive an absolutely free checking account that doesn’t incorporate all the high fees to open and maintain. After all, it’s your money and they are borrowing it from you to serve their interest.