Bank Checking Account Reviews Wamu

Being a customer that needs to have a checking account because of making payment and not wanting to carry large sums of money around with me everywhere, I can say that the best experience overall that I have had with a bank has been WaMu. There has been mergers and buy outs, but for the past six years I’m the happiest with WaMu I had fraudulent activity happen to my account and their customer service caught it and stop it immediately, I’ve been over drawn on error and have been refunded those funds to me, they actually take the time since I opened my account to call me by my first name and the newest improvement that has been recently done by adding a play area for the kids while you bank is great.
The fact that they don’t require a minimum balance and there checking account is free is a plus besides being able to put all of your account in one card is just one of the perks I will be able to use. they have newly added debit rewards that for every purchase that you make they give back a percentage to you is something anyone can benefit from once you reach the anniversary date they either put it back in your account or you have the choice of putting it the school of your choice.
The perks to WaMu continues, with added incentive that when you run out of check you can get free checks of certain design for free what more can anyone ask for ah and yes now you can also view and do a lot of different transaction on-line relieving the fact of having to talk to anyone over the phone and yes even bill pay is available eliminating the check writing and postage hike up processed seems that WaMu strives to keep the customers happy by adding new feature/services to not lose any customers at all.
I’ve tried other banks, I can say that I’m the happiest with WaMu.