Bank Checking Account Reviews Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a reputable financial institution that has withstood the test of time and the inevitable roller coaster of our nation’s economy. Currently, this bank offers several different products in terms of checking, including a college checking account, basic checking, and PMA premium checking.

The Wells Fargo College Checking account is a flexible checking option designed for university students to provide the most convenient checking possible. Students can easily manage their accounts online with free account access and billy pay.Understanding that students are often under quite a bit of financial pressure as the cost of education skyrockets; Wells Fargo has provided this option for individuals who are currently enrolled at an accredited educational institution. Although there is no interest earned on the account, students will likely benefit from the low monthly service fee of $3.75 available for a maximum of five years. At this point, the checking account rolls over into a basic account and is subject to the standard service fees. Alternatively, individuals who opt to receive their monthly statements via online delivery will have their service fees waived. If you are a current or prospective student, definitely check out the Wells Fargo College Checking account.

Wells Fargo’s Basic Checking account offers some of the same convenience as their college option. Monthly fees are slightly higher at $5.00 a month, but customers who elect to receive direct deposits into their checking accounts will benefit from waived fees. Potential customers should keep in mind that a qualifying direct deposit at Wells Faro includes any salary, pension, social security, or other regular monthly income of $100.00 or more electronically deposited into your account. Unfortunately, this product does feature several major draw backs, including no interest earned. Additionally, account holders who wish to utilize Wells Fargo’s online bill pay feature will have to pay for the service following the initial free two month trial.

For individuals with slightly larger assets, Wells Fargo’s PMA Package might be for you. This product supplies customers with the most advantages. Monthly fees are much higher at $25.00 a month, however, if account holders retain a combined balance of $25,000 in each of their accounts or lines of credit with WF, these fees are waived. Also offered are free account access and bill pay, similar to the college account.

Overall, Wells Fargo offers some great products for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and financial situations. While these three products are generally offered at most Wells Fargo branches, remember to check with your local branch before you apply for any of these accounts. Your local branch tellers might be better equipped to assist you and advise you on any available products that may be specially designed for individuals in your region. For more information, check out their website at!