How to choose the right bank to suit your needs?

There are many banks in today’s banking market. Not to mention everyone has their different needs when it comes to banking.

When choosing a bank you need to look at five major aspects. These aspects are:
Customer Service

Let’s look at the four of these aspects more in depth.

Convenience: you want to choose a bank that is close to your house. In any event that some problem will arise or you need to pay a bill you will have the bank branch right next to you. This way you do not have to drive across town waste gas and get mileage on your car.

Availability: how many branches the bank has and in which states. Banks love to charge you an ATM fee, if the ATM is not from your bank. Making sure that your bank that has an available ATM or a branch in other than your state will cut those pesky fees. (Which by the way add up after a while to a rather good sum of money.)

Customer service: this aspect can be divided in three subdivisions:
How knowledeable the customer service is. We can all relate to that one instance where the person on the other side of line didnt have a clue how to help you. The customer service has live representantives. There are banks that have only automated lines. It is very frustrating when you call the one-eight hundred number and there are only and automated system that has only a certain number of answers and questions programmed. You need a bank that has a customer service that has both the. Automated system and a live person.

Benefits: there are many benefits that banks offer. The best benefit that is most useful to any person is that the bank offers you a savings account which you can use as a safety net to cover any overdrawings in your checking account. Another benefit that you should look for is the percentage that they give you on the savings and checking account, just to name a few.

Dependability: Let me explain what I mean. Let us say that a company charges your debit card twice for the same purchase. Some banks in this scenario would take up to a week to address the problem and refund you the double charged money. Then you still have to go through the process of making a dosen phone calls. But there are banks that can address the problem by themselves without your direct involvement. That is what I mean by dependability.

Choosing the right bank is a process of patience. Make sure you ask the right questions in detail and get the answers that you are 100% satisfied with. Do not forget to look for the above mentioned aspects of the bank you are looking for. Hope this will help you to find the right bank to suit your needs.

Good Luck.