Bargain Bins

I do not consider myself a bargain shopper. I love a good deal, and I love to pay less than a fortune for high quality, but I rarely scour the town for deals. There are a few stores that are on my list as favorites not because of popularity, but because of the exceptional values that they have afforded me in the past. I know just where to shop in my area for that great price.

~Kohls has to be my absolute favorite bargain store. In addition to the comfortable, tidy atmosphere that the store provides, they have a huge selection of about everything. They have clothes, shoes, home decor, toys, make-up, jewelry, bedding, and appliances. Kohls has everything that you need to furnish your home with, except the furniture itself! The items that they sell are mostly name brands (skechers, lei, Mudd, etc), and they are listed at great prices. If it isn’t enough that you have a slew of choices of Jeans to buy that are marked at twenty-five dollars, there is always a sale price on top of that! This is where I purchase my running shoes, my jeans, and every day wear clothes, including tee shirts. The clothes are a better quality than that of Walmart, and even Target, and they have better styles, as well as colors. They even carry special ‘lines’ of clothes by the likes of Daisy Fuentas, and premier make-up by Ashley Judd. Everything that they sell is either great quality or name brand and is very affordable.

~Half Priced bookstores. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you must put this store on your list. They sell books, CD’s, CD-Rom,s, calenders, journals, and miscellaneous items closely related to books. They literally sell these things for half of the price as regular bookstores. I love books, and these stores often sell used items that always pique my interest. I actually just bought an old seven volume set of books written in Latin for about sixteen dollars. You don’t find those deals at Walden books. While on a budget this holiday season, I got about half of my gifts here for much less than I normally would have spent. Of course, I splurged on myself with the savings, but that is kinda the point, isn’t it?

I love to shop, but I hate to hunt for good prices. With the money that I save on things that I need, I can afford the life of luxury that I aspire to! I feel much less guilt when I waste all my money at Victoria’s Secret or Coach if I know I made great deals on the other junk that is forever on my list. It makes me want to go shopping right now. I do need some new jeans…But I also need a new purse, hmm… I guess I just love to shop!