Bargain Shopping Dollar Store Deals to Avoid

With the advent of the dollar store, it began to seem that you could get almost anything for the mere price of one hundred pennies. It was true, too. If you went inside, you would be delighted with aisle after aisle of everything from clothing to food to home dcor, as well as about everything in between. However, these stores are rife with danger that you may not be aware of, starting with the fact that if you go in with no plan of what it is you’re really there for, you may wind up at the counter with a cart full of dollar items that you don’t need, and barely even want, that add up to much more than you wanted to spend. It isn’t a bargain at all if you don’t even want the dollar item, is it?

There are many great deals to be had within the dollar store, but there are also some products that are really best avoided at the dollar store. You still, even in the dollar store, typically get what you pay for. Many of the products that are lining the shelves are close to, or even past, their expiration dates and others are not well made or firmly put together. The following are some items that I have learned through experience to avoid at the dollar stores.

*Toys for young children-The toys that are sold at the dollar store are often full of small pieces that can be broken off and swallowed, inducing choking in your little one. This is very dangerous indeed! Even if the child doesn’t put the broken pieces into their mouths (which isn’t likely to be avoided) you still have nothing more than a broken toy that will only end up at the bottom of the toybox.

*Candy, especially the holiday variety-My mother will be remembered for years to come for her dollar store candy for the grandchildren. Even the youngest among them noticed that the goodies weren’t good at all. It was expired candy, probably from the year before, and it tasted horrible! That is not to mention the level of solidity that made it a dental danger if you could bite into it at all.

*Batteries-All batteries are not created equal. Dollar store batteries that are off brands will not perform adequately in your electronics, such as digital cameras, flashlights, or music players. They are too weak and if they work at all, you will go through them so quickly that they won’t be a bargain after all.

*Clothing-Clothing that is purchased at the dollar stores are not going to hold up through even a couple of washes and will often shrink terribly. The one exception that I have found to this rule is socks. Other than that, you are better to shop the sales at the local department store for a real value.

*Plastic food storage containers-The plastic food storage containers at the dollar stores are a waste of your dollar! The lids rarely fit right, so you are usually going to end up with a spill which may cost you a lot in the damage to other items, such as your vehicle or clothing, depending on where you end up with the mess.

Although the dollar store can be a treasure trove for some items, such as shampoos and cleaning products, there are many that you should bypass. The above items are a few that I have learned about the hard way, but maybe you won’t have to. Don’t let the thought that “it’s just a dollar” seduce you into buying what you don’t really need, either. A wasted dollar is still a dollar.