Bargain Shopping Tips

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a knack for finding a deal when I’m shopping. Whether it be in the grocery store or in a high end boutique, it seems there is always a deal to be had! For instance, if you are shopping on-line at say Old Navy, Gap, Land’s End or some other similar retail store, you can usually always find an on-line coupon code for a percentage off or even free shipping. The few bucks you save can greatly add up at the end of the day. You can usually sign up to receive emails from a store that let you know what is on sale or sometimes they send out coupons. I find that I save loads of money this way. For instance, I just saved $10 on a $50 purchase in store and on-line at Old Navy!

Another great way to bargain shop is to shop yard sales and thrift shops. Sometimes you can find items that are still new with the tags! I know someone who found an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag at a yard sale for $1! Yes, one dollar for a bag that retails new for over $700! It’s ashame for the person who didn’t know the treasure they had, but what a great deal for the person who bought the bag. Also, since kids grow so quickly, you can usually grab up some gently used children’s clothing for a fraction of what you would pay retail.

Saving money at the grocery store has never been easier or better! At stores like Kroger, you can have coupons downloaded on-line to your Kroger card and you do not even have to leave a paper trail! Carrying around all of those coupons can be a hassle, so its nice that features like this are being offered to the bargain shoppers! However, for the coupons you do have to carry around, its always nice to keep them together so when you are out shopping you are not scurrying around to try to find them. They make coupon holders that you can probably find a coupon for!

Do not forget to check the bargain aisle or bargain rack whenever you are out shopping. Sometimes an item may be on sale just because the packaging is torn or because the original sales tag is missing. Also, sometimes you can find store brands that are much cheaper and just as good as the name brand item. You can usually save a few bucks if you are willing to deal with not buying the name brand. No matter where you shop, just remember you can usually get whatever you are buying for less than the sticker price. There is hardly ever a need to pay full retail price, especially not in this economy!