Basics of no Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life insurance is a touchy subject. It’s often difficult to decide that you need it – and the process of actually getting it is very involved. Most insurance companies will insist that you must get a full physical examination so that they can decide if you’re “worth” insuring, and it can take weeks or months for them to evaluate your eligibility.

A better alternative may be no-medical-exam life insurance. You can apply and be approved within minutes, because companies who offer this service will insure you no matter what – even if you’ve got poor health. If you have chronic health conditions that would cause you to be denied a standard life insurance policy, no-medical-exam life insurance may be your best option.

No-medical-exam life insurance is also good for those who simply want to get the whole process over with quickly and would prefer not to undergo doctor’s visits, blood tests, and a lengthy screening process.

It’s important to do plenty of research before you commit to purchasing a no-medical-exam life insurance policy. Check each company’s reputation – if they’re established and respected, you can be assured that they’ll deliver on their promises.

Companies who offer no-medical-exam life insurance are operating on the principle that any coverage is better than no coverage at all. Premiums are higher on no-medical-exam policies. You’ll need to make sure that the payout will be worth your monthly payments – sometimes the end payout is staggeringly low and won’t cover much more than funeral costs.

Many no-medical-exam life insurance companies require that you make the payments for a minimum of two years before your beneficiary is able to collect any money from them. In the unfortunate event that you pass away before two years have gone by, you paid the premiums for nothing and your beneficiary won’t see a dime.

After doing some careful research, you’ll be able to determine if no-medical-exam life insurance is the best option for you and your beneficiary.