Beg and Borrow for Christmas

As I have grown older, I see too much emphasis on keeping up with what marketers can offer us and our vain attempts to do so. The media lays a major league guilt trip on the public and it is worse when your friends are there with them.

Sentimental holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s day nudge it over the edge. I do not understand the need to indulge the corporate world and the ways in which they pile it on us to spend, spend and spend money for gifts people don’t really need. I don’t buy gifts any longer and don’t expect any. If someone insists upon bestowing me with things I tell them rather firmly not to do so in the future. If I want something I will buy for myself. Think about it…how much crap do you need? Everyone should adapt this thinking rather than worrying themselves over buying presents. Who cares? People getting together for a party or dinner is presence enough…or is it?

Which leads us to…Fast Christmas loans. I am no Scrooge but, “Bah, humbug.” I remember years ago when I would use my credit card and buy crap to wrap. I never knew of an inane loan to do the same. A credit card is a loan in and of itself but I cannot fathom taking out a loan and going into debt once a year for the commercial holiday known as X-MAS. The holy day would be Christmas but to celebrate that is non PC. The ACLU has decreed it so. Did the three wise men present Jesus a gameboy with merely Pong on it? Was it that long ago?

How about a $45K Lexus with a BIG RED BOW on top? A $3K diamond ring, necklace or earrings to let her know you really love her? Who wants that $2K wide-screen plasma TV and $500 Blue-ray DVD player? Why not pay the mortgage or utility bills instead? Sounds cynical, right? Actually, I think it’s realistic for these days. Why couldn’t someone receive the iPod, iPhone or iDunno at any other time of the year? But, every kid needs a $500 X-box or Wii for Christmas, right?

We here in the United States are looking at the worst economy I’ve know in my 50 years of life. We are in a recession…depression is out in the waiting room holding inflation’s hand. Inflation will be here first as the federal government had to invent money for the Wall street bailout and even more if they do so for the automakers. Have we not learned within the past year what it means to live outside of one’s means? The American way of life means living at least 100% beyond one’s means, all done with smoke, mirrors and credit cards. Ask your senator or congressman to explain.

Have yourself a MERRY little CHRISTMAS! Emphasis on little.