Being Reclusive has many Benefits

Not everyone is capable of being a recluse but those that can live for a time without family and friends around around them may find many benefits to this alone time. It can be very productive if one knows how to direct his thoughts and energy. Being a recluse can:

Improve Focus

Reclusive individuals have fewer distractions that will sidetrack or deter them from important and stimulating work and goals. They are better able to concentrate on tasks at hand which could include writing out lists and summaries of dreams and goals to be accomplished within a set time.  It will also allow them to finish projects and begin new challenges without interruptions. If an individual works from home, it will allow him time to accomplish larger volumes of work. If employment is outside of the home, alone time can be used to set new and bigger goals and priorities for when it is time to return to the workplace. 

Eliminate Negativity 

Being alone in your own personal space will remove any unwanted negative forces that will keep you from attaining your personal and financial goals. Even the best of intentions from friends and family may be negative comments and advise that will cause you to question your lifestyle and work. You know what is best for yourself in the long run and being a recluse will allow you to work on what is important to you without naysayers to deter you.  

Remove Roadblocks to Success

The influence of the outside world may cause individuals to constantly compare themselves to others and question their skills, intelligence and capabilities. Becoming a recluse will allow individuals to assess their talents without outside influences and become completely objective about what kind of training or knowledge may still be required to become proficient at their life’s calling.  What may seem like a huge deterrent to one’s true path may become smaller and less significant when logically examined in peace and silence.

Becoming reclusive for any length of time can be extremely beneficial to an individual and allow them to find the way to success and riches. The rat race of the outside world may be exactly what is keeping many individuals from attaining their true potential, both personally and financially. Using vacation time or sick days to walk away from the world and examine life’s pathway may be exactly what is needed to become exactly the self-actualized and wealthy person you desire to be.