Benefits of being a AAA Member

There are many benefits of being a AAA member. AAA stands for American Automobile Association. It’s a very good association to belong too. One of the main reasons people join is for their roadside assistance. The assistance can be in may forms.


The basic plan will provide service to you to a safe point within the providers service city. If you have a plus plan they will go up to 100 miles either direction for towing, and if you have the premier plan they will go a total of 200 miles.


They will deliver fuel, if you have the basic plan this will be enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station. They charge you the price of the gas. However, if you have plus or premier plan they will provide you enough fuel to get to the gas station which there is no charge.

Flat Tires

Changing flat tires is something they do, they will change your flat and put on your spare. All you have to do is call with your information and they will provide your service.


Dead batteries is another thing they will help with. A battery jump can be provided and if the care will not start they will give you a tow.


Lockouts are a great benefit. How many times have you locked your keys in the car by accident? They will provide locksmith service and reimburse you for up to $50.00 for the basic plan but if you have the plus plan or premier plan they will reimburse you up to $100.00.

Driving lessons

There are many other benefits for you to enjoy as well. AAA also offers driving lessons for your teens.This is great for teens working on getting their license. These lessons will give you a discount on your insurance, too. Everyone likes a discount when it comes to car insurance.

Travel benefits

AAA also offers great travel benefits. They have great travel information. They will give you basic travel maps. They have links on their websites to help you with car, hotel, vacation or cruise bookings. They offer so many discounts on these plans it is a great benefit for being a member. It is great to get this information all in one site and makes this easier than having to look and search the Internet for this information. A lot of us are in time crunches, so this benefit will be great for you.


They have discounts for restaurants too. When you go to different places, look for their sticker on places you frequent and take advantage of their discounts. These discounts can add up and why not take advantage of it?

As you can see there are many benefits of being a member of AAA. So why not become a member today? It will be well worth it! You will be glad you did.