Benefits of being a AAA Member

Since its founding in 1902, the Triple A has made it its business to lobby for better roads and highways, promote safety, and ensure that motorists have some backup in their travels. The era of the automobile made it obvious that occasionally people need help and guidance when on the road. Just as today, breakdowns happened, and the need for emergency road service soon followed the advent of the automobile age.

The most obvious benefit of belong to the American Automobile Association is of course emergency road services. Towing, or even calling a mechanic to the scene of a breakdown can be extremely expensive, however, Triple A members are permitted a set number of these emergencies annually,  included in their membership. These services can range from a tow to a service center or home, to changing a flat, or even bringing a can of gas to a stranded motorist.

Triple A members also have the benefit of advice and planning resources. Before going on a road trip or any family vacation, maps, tour guide books, and travel pamphlets are available free of charge. The tour books offer a variety of suggestions for travel destinations, and points of interest. They also list accommodations and restaurants and provide ratings. AAA will also assist in reservations with airlines, cruises, and accommodations, many of which will give discounts for being a member.

When planning a road trip, AAA not only provides maps, they will chart the course, or several courses, include interesting spots along the way, and point out areas where there is going to be road construction, delays, or detours. Many restaurants, hotels and motels, and even tourist attractions will give discounts to members once you get to your destination. Discounts may be available for entertainment, amusement parks, and car rentals as well. They will find lowest rates for air flight, book reservations, and provide passport services. The organization also offers accident insurance for those that think they may need a little more coverage, as well as mechanical breakdown insurance for those problems that require some major work.

Overall, the minimal cost of becoming a member of the Triple A is well worth the price, especially since even one towing charge can easily run over a hundred dollars or more. Having the benefit of help in charting a trip, finding accommodations, and locating entertainment along the way is always a plus, as is getting discounts from participating businesses.