Benefits of Buying a Florida Timeshare

Own a piece of Key West? You better believe it! Buying a timeshare condominium in Key West is not a stupid idea. That is if you like to party , parasail, snorkel, fish, take high speed boat rides, eat super fresh seafood, enjoy colorful lifestyles and appreciate fine art.

The Real Estate market in Key West is ridiculous. Dilapidated cottages are considered prime meat just for the $500000.00 lot it sits on. Rent is outrageous for locals and tourists alike. So, that said, buying your piece of the Key West pie in the form of a timeshare is perhaps the smartest move you can make.

Key West survives on a purely tourist driven economy. It is a destination that people not only plan for, but that people also “end up” at, it being the southernmost tip of the continental United States. Also, there is no place for further development to sprawl into, so your investment will not suddenly drop in value because of competition.

But be warned, Key West is not for the vacationer that is looking for a sunny peaceful bit of sand to waste away the hours in quiet luxury. Oh, no! Key West is for adventurers. If loud music and raunchy humor offend you, or you don’t want your kids to see a man dressed only in a rainbow thong and white sneakers, then buy a timeshare at Disney.

In considering the time of year that you want to make your investment, a little investigation may be required. Certain weeks of the year are much more valuable than others. Obviously, Holidays fetch a higher price than weeks in the dead of summer (and hurricane season). Think first of what your goals are for your vacation.

If you want to party like a rock star and that’s it, any week of the year will do as Key West is a 24 hour drinking destination that will have you shopping for a new liver before the week is even over.

If boating is your passion, consider buying during one of Key West’s race weeks. There is an annual regatta and high speed boat races at different times of the year.

Local culture is celebrated during Fantasy Fest. An annual festival that occurs during the week of Halloween. Costumes, body painting and general mayhem abound. Not recommended for the faint of heart or those with prejudice of alternative lifestyles.

Like to fish? Key West is home to many tournaments throughout the year and boat rentals are plentiful.

No matter what your intentions, Key West is home to many colorful places, traditions and people. It’s reputation as a top vacation destination is not likely to fade anytime soon, assuring that your investment in this community is well valued and well worth it.