Benefits of Buying a Florida Timeshare

The Benefits of owning a Florida Timeshare

One of the best experiences of our life was purchasing a timeshare with Disney. Disney packages its timeshare as the Disney Vacation Club, and they have many resorts to offer. As well as resorts all over the nation and world, you can also use your vacation points for Disney Cruises, and their Adventure line, which allows you to experience once in a lifetime events, such as an African adventure, an English walking tour, and many others.

Disney’s resorts are spectacular, and the vacations we’ve taken there have been filled with relaxation and enjoyment. The rooms and suites are totally beautiful and perfectly equipped, and the staff there is always pleasant and accommodating. Any resorts affiliated with the Disney Vacation Club have to meet the same exacting standards as the Disney Resorts themselves, so you know you’re always going to have a clean pleasurable stay.

The Vacation Club works quite a bit differently then a normal timeshare as well. Instead of purchasing a period of time, you purchase what are called vacation points. These points can be used any time of the year, different resorts and different times cost a different amount of points. You can also bank your points for the year, and borrow from a year ahead as well. This leads to an extremely flexible vacation system.

There is also no need to restrict yourself to just Disney parks and amusements as well, although, if you stay on the property, there is no need for a rental car or anything of the like. Disney’s Magic Express will pick you up at the airport, and drive you to your resort, as well as make sure your bags are in your room when you arrive. Disney Buses then can take you where ever you wish to go on the properties, from Downtown Disney, to all the theme parks, the water parks and the other resorts. Our first week there, we never left the property, and still didn’t get to see all that we would have liked to. Depending on what resort you stay at, you can also use Disney’s water transports to get there.

If you decide you want to visit some of Orlando’s other amusements, you can stay at Disney and travel there as well. Our second vacation we did just that. We stayed at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, but we went to Universal Studios for the week. Our suite was beautiful, it had a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a washer and dryer, and a Jacuzzi in the master bath. You can have Disney stock the kitchen with assorted sundries as well, as simply as faxing them a request. All in all, Disney Vacation Club has been a wonderful experience, and when they say “Welcome Home” you truly are home!