Benefits of Buying a Florida Timeshare

The Benefits of Buying a Florida Timeshare

I bought a timeshare week in Florida in 1990. I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio and the winter blues were encompassing my life. I had spent too many days without sun or warmth so when I received a phone call offering me a free three day vacation to a Florida beach, I jumped for joy at the offer! The catch, of course, was that I allot ninety minutes of my time while visiting to a timeshare sales presentation.

It was a chilly morning for Florida when my two daughters and I arrived at the condo complex for the sales pitch. I was all braced for a very high pressure slick presentation but instead got a relaxed glimpse at the Florida lifestyle. We sat by the pool, had coffee and talked about the chilly weather. I, being from the Midwest, was thinking how pleasantly warm the sun was as it shone over the crystal blue waters that were breaking against the sea wall. My sales representative proceeded with her presentation in a conversational tone that put me at ease. She showed us the model units that we were being asked to peruse. I listened attentively to her persuasive voice and politely told her that I needed time to make a decision as to whether I would purchase a unit or not.

“It’s now or never on this price,” she said. I had to choose right then, no procrastinating. I plunked down a deposit with my American Express card and headed back to Ohio. I had three days to cancel and when I returned home some of my friends and family said “you have been ripped off.” Eventually, I decided that I wanted this little piece of Florida, a week at the beach every year for myself, my children and my grandchildren.

This timeshare purchase was just the beginning of my Florida adventures. I sold my brick duplex in Cincinnati and moved myself and the children to a house beachside in Florida that was just six blocks from my timeshare. We had access to the pools, Jacuzzis and beach that were included with the timeshare. Since my new home had no pool, the timeshare was made to order. We walked to the beach and used their facilities.

Over the last eighteen years, we have enjoyed swimming in the pools overlooking the ocean, basking in the sun and walking the sandy beaches. Myth has it that once you’ve walked barefoot in the sand you can never leave the ocean behind. It certainly has been true for me. To this day my kids and grandkids are enjoying the Florida lifestyle because of the timeshare that I purchased eighteen years ago. Financially, my timeshare investment has been worth its weight in gold to me and my family.