Benefits of non Medical Life Insurance

Non Medical Life Insurance is also known as the no exam life insurance. This policy acts as a protective policy for an individual even though they have not been diagnosed with some disease. With the non medical life insurance an individual is not subjected to undergo numerous medical check ups like in the case of other life insurance policies. An individual can therefore not be denied a life insurance policy due to their health status, with the non medical life insurance any one can be accepted onto this policy. They only answer a few questions regarding their health status among other things and then they can be approved for admission to the non medical life insurance policy.

The applicant for this type of policy only has to answer a few questions over the phone from the California Life insurance companies and there will be no need for them to go for any sort of medical checkup for approval. This means that the policy holders will not have to worry about being accepted or not by the non medical life insurance companies, it is an almost automatic acceptance once the individual shows interest in acquiring this type of insurance policy.

Another advantage with the non medical life insurance policy is the quick admittance once all the paper has been completed. The policy also comes with low rates which are offered by many insurance companies who sell this type of policy. There are no hassles and long waits with this type of life insurance policy unlike the rest of the available life insurance policies that to do through screening of the applicant before approval.

The Non medical life insurance policy also saves the applicant from spending much when buying the insurance cover, this will help the individual plan well way ahead and get an affordable non medical life insurance. The other advantage with the non medical life insurance is that it caters for people of all ranges of age groups. Many life insurance policies may have limitations on the age of coverage due to the health complications that are attached to age.

There is less paperwork involved with the non medical life insurance unlike most insurance policies that have loads of questionnaires and also have to document the health conditions of the individual, with this type of insurance there is minimal paperwork involved which saves on time and resources. This perhaps the best life insurance policy for individuals who want a minimal cover.