Benefits of Renters Insurance

You are on your way to starting your life on your own, and you have decided to brighten you future by attending college! What an exciting event! With this comes the many responsibilities of living on your own, or quite often sharing a residence with others. Now is the time to start securing your future, which includes ensuring your personal belongings are looked after in the case of fire, theft, water damage, vandalism or other unforeseeable events. You have worked hard to get where you are, your parents too if they have helped you along the way and you do not want to worry about a major setback of having to replace what you have worked so hard to get thus far. This is why it is crucial to get yourself renter’s insurance.

Renter’s insurance can help you by making sure you have a residence even if you were to lose your own in the event of a horrible situation such as fire or flood. You will be set up in a temporary living arrangement such as a hotel until your home was deemed fit to return to, all expenses covered. Also the insurer’s would make sure you get the money to replace all of your belongings should you be faced with such a scenario, at replacement value, not a depreciated value. As a college student it is quite likely that you are having to share a residence with others to save money.

You cannot be sure of all of the people coming and going in such places are trustworthy, nor responsible, these are factors that further jeopardize your belongings. Even if it is your neighbours who have the unfortunate event of a fire, the smoke and water damage from that could effect your home, and that is not something the landlord will pay for. Renter’s insurance covers your belongings when outside your home too, things such as bikes and laptops are also covered, where ever you take them. Insurance can also protect you in the case of a liability lawsuit against you, that could include damage to another person’s property or injuries to another person, and that is whether the incident happened at your rented residence or elsewhere.

Look around, computers, furniture, appliances, clothing, school supplies, software, it all adds up pretty quick and if you are not insured what would you do when faced with college tuition bills and rent and having to replace these things? You do not want to face any more expenses then you already have. This is why it is critical to make sure you are covered! Again you are starting your life and career, you don’t need to worry about those what ifs. You can ensure your piece of mind and security with renter’s insurance. The best thing you can do for your future short of your great choice of attending college in the first place.