Best Countries to Move to for American Retirees

American retirees deserve to live the rest of their lives in comfort, security and happiness. This is because they have already done their fair share of service to humanity. If they plan to retire abroad, retirees have the option to select the safest, cheapest and most beautiful countries to live in. The following countries are retirement choices for American retirees.


The mild tropical climate of this country makes it one of the most recommended Central American countries for retirees. Its attractive beaches and nature-rich environment are superb places to spend relaxing hours in. The cost of living is cheap and English is understood well, so there would be no problems with communication. In addition, retirees are given 15 percent discounts in private health care clinics, and are also offered many health care discounts. The required monthly income of retirees is only $500, and $600 for couples.


France is a European country where people like to sip the best wines in the world and spend wonderful, romantic evenings. The country’s amazing museums, enchanting castles and dazzling beaches are enough reason to live there. You may have to choose places outside of Paris though. This is because Paris is somewhat expensive. The southwest areas are cheaper and more affordable. The health care in France is also one of the best in the world; you will have to purchase private insurance though.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that offers luxurious, safe and affordable retirement havens to people who want to enjoy their remaining golden years. The country provides interesting activities for persons with diverse interests. Golf enthusiasts, nature-lovers, seafarers and gift-shoppers often find living in Thailand a paradise. Retirees live comfortably with maids, cars and their own house; healthcare is also cheap there. Retirees could enjoy all of these at affordable costs.


Malaysia is a beautiful country in Asia that offers affordable cost of living to American retirees. The country has a program for retirees called “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H). Retirees can apply, and when they meet the requirements, they are awarded a 10-year unlimited visa. The income required for approval is at least $3,000 a month. The tallest skyscrapers in the world are found in Malaysia. Retirees there live in affordable and comfortable, air-conditioned apartments with all the amenities they need in its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Rural areas are a short distance away, so nature-tripping is not a problem.

These are some of the countries that offer safer, more comfortable and affordable cost of living to American retirees. However, anywhere is not safe if you do not observe primary safety rules and precautions.