Best Items to Buy right after Christmas

If you think the pre-Christmas sales are fantastic, then you really need to check out the after Christmas clearance sales! These are the sales where merchants are trying to get rid of all of the extra merchandise, as the saying goes: “Out with the old and in with the new”. One major reason merchants want to rid themselves of excess merchandise after Christmas is because it is also the end of the year and they need to perform inventory counts and place orders for brand new products. While this is true of most products, there are certain items that are best purchased during after Christmas, extra budget friendly sales. Read on for more information. 

*Electronics. Electronic gadgets ranging from video game systems to cell phones, change so frequently that stores often have clearance sales in order to make room for the newest versions. If a laptop or digital camera is on your wish list, this is the time to buy it! Check out your local electronics stores as well as search online sites for the best deal. You are guaranteed to find something you like, well within your budget.

*Clothing. There are limited times during the year when it is good to shop for clothing: at the end of each season (winter, fall, spring, summer) and the days right after Christmas. This is one of the best times to buy that winter coat you desperately need or those really cute boots you saw a couple of weeks ago. The after Christmas sales are used to clear out all of this year’s clothing styles in order to break out the new styles. If you love to shop for clothing and accessories, this is the time to do it!

*Toys. Think birthday gifts. You got your kid(s) at least part of what they wanted for Christmas, now you can afford to get the rest of the items on their list and save it up for their birthday! Toys are like anything else, there is always something new coming out and stores want to get rid of this year’s inventory to make room on their shelves to display the latest and greatest on the toy market. 

*Holiday decorations. Does anything really need to be said here? Seriously, the day after Christmas, many stores are already starting to break out the Valentine’s Day products, so they want to get rid of all of the Christmas merchandise and fast! This is an excellent time to pick up those outdoor lights you wanted, the mechanical reindeer and that lovely Nativity scene. Stock up for next year, replace some of your old and worn out decorations or simply add to your existing collection.

*Gift sets. Remember all of those great bath/shower sets, perfume/cologne sets and food sets you saw while you were running around doing all of your gift shopping a few weeks ago? Some were on sale, but most were just a bit too expensive, right? Perhaps you did not have anyone on your list that wanted/needed one as a Christmas gift. What about you? You did your holiday duties of shopping, wrapping, cooking/baking, going to and giving Christmas parties, decorating and all of the other “joys” that come with the season. You did a good job this year and were very selfless, now it is perfectly acceptable to take a closer look at those shiny gifts sets (at hugely discounted prices) and pick out a couple just for you. 

Some people use the after Christmas sales as a starting point for next year’s Christmas shopping or birthday/anniversary gifts. If nothing else, why resist the call of huge discounts on your favorite items? Enjoy the “after the holidays” deals!