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Not everybody has thousands of dollars to invest in stocks and shares, so is it really possible to do this on a lower income? This article reveals how you invest small amounts of money to secure your future.

Small amounts of money really can make a difference to your financial future, if you know how to make it work a profit for you, here is a proven practical way to do it:

1. DPP’s (Direct Purchase Plans)

If you are willing to except some level of risk in your investment then DPP’s are an option worth serious consideration. These are designed to give individual investors direct access to stock and share trading, and you don’t need to have had previous experience in this area to benefit from them.

DPP’s permit you to invest as little as $5 dollars a month, which is ideal for those with only small amounts of money available.

All you do is set up an account with a DPP provider and arrange a direct debit of a set amount each month of your choosing. They use your money to invest in stocks and shares of your choosing, allowing you to develop an investment portfolio. Brokers fee’s are substantially smaller via DPP’s as they are designed for the individual investor and these fee’s range from between $1 and $3 per share.

If you’ve not heard lots about DPP’s this is because they are legally not permitted to advertise their services directly. Whilst exact reasons for this are not clear it could be linked to concerns from professional brokers, who fear losing substantial fees from investors going direct to the stock market.

There is always a risk of making a loss on the stock market and if you are concerned about losing your investment, whilst there can never be an guarantee, look to invest in well established companies to spread your risk. Another way to boost your confidence and skill in this area is by trying it for fun first.

There are numerous virtual trader games online, where you get given a fictional sum of money to invest in real shares. Once you’ve got the hang of it a few times and are getting better at selecting profitable stocks and shares, why not try it for real?

Consider testing out your skills with no risk by visiting one of the links below;



3. is one of the biggest DPP companies online and have 6,000 stocks you can invest in, quickly and easily. They also have a free long term investment guide that you can sign up for which will explain things in more detail. Investing just $20 a month can really start to help you build a profitable sum of money for your future. If you’re ready to find out more about investing small sums in the stock market you can visit and get started.


This article has investigated a proven way for individuals with little share trading experience to invest small amounts of money to help you build a profitable future and easy your financial concerns