Best Part Time Employment Opportunities for Retired Persons

Retirement is a new chapter in your life where the challenge is to remain active after years of regular employment. Part-time employment is a great way to enjoy your new situation, keeping you active and putting some extra cash in your pocket.

You will discover many employers welcome senior citizens as part-time employees for their friendliness, dependability and experience.


1. Local food stores provide an excellent opportunity as there is always an opening for older persons who can relate well to the customers. The work they are assigned within the store would have to be in keeping with their physical capabilities but there are any amount of ways to make themselves useful as part-time employees. Helping customers to pack their groceries or even operating a checkout is well within the capabilities of many retired folk. The may not be as active physically, but they do still have their mental capacity.

2. Often we see older ones employed as greeters at large stores such as Walmart. This is an ideal position for them and the company, to be the first point of contact for customers as they are met with a greeting and a cheery smile.
You always find them to be ready with a pleasant greeting and offering to be of any assistance they can. The experience the elderly have gained over the years of dealing with people actually makes them a preferred choice for this type of work.

3. Retired persons could possibly find some part-time work as a babysitter for family and friends who would be happy to employ them rather than a complete stranger. Perhaps they have been parents themselves, giving them the experience of caring for young children.

4. Delivering local newspapers or fliers is another option for the retired community. This type of work has the added benefit of giving them needed exercise as they walk from house-to-house making their deliveries.

Working part-time will not make them rich, but it will continue to give their life greater purpose, benefit their physical health through exercise and put a little extra cash in their pockets.