Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees

Retirement might not be the right time to give up working or having a job. Retirees that go back to work have different reasons such as loving the feeling and activity of working, having no choice but to work because of lack or insufficient income, or simply because they get offers they can’t refuse such as great pays or great benefits. Whatever the reasons are, some retirees go out of retirement and go back to the corporate or employment world.

Unfortunately, retirees are generally old and with old age comes some physical limitations. These retirees are no longer as active as they were during their younger years. However, what retirees have over younger people are the knowledge and experience that they have acquired over the years. Such knowledge, experience, and expertise normally are in demand and these things must be considered by retirees that plan to come out of retirement and get a new job. So what kind of jobs require these things but with less physical demands? Here’s a list of some jobs that can be done as part time.

1.) Consultancy. Consultants are people that have adequate and vast knowledge, experience, and expertise on a certain field. Consultants exist on virtually all sectors. They provide expert and professional advice, guidance, and support to different companies, firms, and even individuals. In most cases, consultants aren’t tied up to one company or business entity. They are connected to firms that cater to different clients. Other than getting employed, retirees can also opt to put up their own consultancy firms as a business. Though the task is more tedious than as an ordinary employee, the potential returns are greater. Setting up a consultancy firm is ideal because most retirees have children and even grand children that can help them work the business out. In the long run, it will be a family business that can be passed on from generation to generation that if at least somebody in the family will have an interest in the firm.

2.) Counselors. Apart from experience on their specific fields, retirees also have very vast experience on life. Most or if not all retirees have already experienced and solved lots of hardships in their lives. Being a part time counselor is a great opportunity for retirees. They pay is good and the experience is great. Retirees can help a lot of people by sharing their views and give advices to people who are seeking it. Some counseling opportunities are marriage counselors and guidance counselors to schools and even some firms.

3.) Freelance. Photography? Writing articles? Engineering designs? There are a lot of  opportunities for retirees to consider. Apart from being a consultant, being a freelance is also a great way to find part time work for retirees. The great thing about the freelance is that it is not demanding in terms of time. Freelancers are normally being paid by their products or results, not day-by-day by going to the office and punching in and out.

4.) Teach. Teaching is a great opportunity for retirees, especially teaching in college. College teachers are generally part time which makes it ideal for retirees who are looking for part time jobs. The better part? Teachers can choose the time that they want. Teaching offers great pay and normally, pay is based either on loaded units or the number of hours that one is teaching every week. Universities and educational institutions may also prefer retirees because of the expertise that they have on a certain subject or their specific fields. However, the key for retirees though is to stay updated in order to teach well.