Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees

For many, retirement life becomes boring after few months into the stress free lifestyle whereas for others, loss of income may not go well with the rising cost of living. In both these events, the result may be the retiree looking for a job that fits his or her retirement life. In almost all instances, the type of jobs available for a retiree would be part time jobs while some of them could make retirement life happier while some could make it worse. This article expects to give guidance to some of the best part time jobs for retirees although one may have to assess his or her own abilities before searching for any such job.

-Project consultants

Among the more lucrative of part time jobs, project consultants could be rated high and even among them, the financial consultants are the ones who usually earn the highest. However, it is a job confined to experts of a specific field and for those who are recognized as having such experience. Therefore, in order to secure such jobs, one may need to be a member of a professional institute or has a proven record of accomplishment in doing such work. According to industry experts, these jobs are usually flexible although they tend to being somewhat of a stress to the retirement life. Because these jobs are hard to secure one may have to search around by contacting his or her colleagues, friends, clients etc for direct appointments.

-Freelance writer / Blogger

With the expansion of the web, many people find hugely compensating part time jobs in web based freelance work. These could include writing articles, writing codes for software companies, testing software, data entry work, transcription work etc. Meanwhile, many find successful careers in blogging as well. These require a person to login frequently in to multiple blogs and make meaningful entries or articles on a specific topic. In some instances, one may be able to undertake marketing activities in the web, which require a person to visit certain sites and make entries in various directories. In whatever form, it will provide a productive part time work based at home while bringing in a relatively good income.

-Teacher aide / Tutor

These jobs are more rewarding in terms of self-fulfillment than their potential financial remuneration. However, it requires a person to work under the guidance of a teacher or another professor. This may require the ability to build a good rapport or the ability to have a good relationship with the superiors and colleagues. However, this job may not only include teaching but also grading papers, preparing assignments, preparing equipment for teaching work as well as some clerical work.

-Patient advocate

With the rising trend in the aged population, the requirement for patient advocates has also risen. The job requires a person to communicate and liaise with elderly patients and sometimes even other patients in coordinating treatment activities, making appointments with doctors, filling up insurance forms, finding out best alternatives or prices for certain uncovered procedures etc. The working hours and the pay may vary from institution to institution as well as from state to state.

-Book keeper

For those retirees who are good with numbers, many organizations are willing to offer part time book keeping jobs. These jobs may also vary in its remuneration, work hours, work load etc depending on the organization and the complexity of the work. In some instances, it may only require a person to come during a specific time every month, as in the case with processing monthly accounts or making the payroll. As with some of the professional jobs, the remuneration as a part time bookkeeper may also depend on the qualification and the professional memberships one may have in his or her possession.

What was described above are only few part time job options for the new retirees and it should be a guide for someone to start searching or else to make a choice depending on what he or she may be extremely good at.