Best Part Time Jobs for the over 65 Retired

Many a retiree today finds himself either strapped for cash or bored once the thrill of free time wears off. The answer for many seniors is to find meaningful employment, yet leave enough time to enjoy the peaceful years following a life of stress and struggle.

Few seniors would be interested in having full-time employment. A part-time job gives them a sense of purpose. It helps to make retirement more memorable. Collecting stamps may and worldwide travel may be rewarding activities, but most seniors feel they don’t contribute enough to make the world a better place. Thankfully there are part-time jobs that don’t come with a great deal of pressure.

While some seniors find nothing wrong in flipping burgers with college grade students, others look for employment doing something they enjoy. Some enjoy the activity of cooking for others, while others act as cashiers or servicing the clients at a restaurant. Low jobs such as stock clerk are ideal for many seniors.

Some retirees have a flair for numbers, so a stint as a bookkeeper helps keep them busy and their minds occupied and free from dementia. Few seniors are likely to work at a multinational corporation. Instead, many choose to run a part-time business. They choose to work the hours they want by limiting their customers. Many a senior prepares income tax statements for family and friends. There exists a ready market of people who would rather let a senior citizen crunch the numbers for them.

Many an elderly woman can put her free time to good use knitting or crocheting. A gardening background can bring in a business income. In today’s economy, many people don’t have time for garden work and yard cleanup. They would be grateful to pay half as much for a senior to get professional results.

Nutrition and fitness doesn’t need to be exclusive to nutritionists and muscled instructors. The retired senior can teach the benefits of exercise, whether that exercise comes from the pool or from a few sessions of yoga or tai chi.

Cooking skills can be put to good use by catering to birthdays, weddings and other social events. Many seniors prefer to stay active by volunteering for charity events. The Welcome Wagon or Meals on Wheels can help provide low cost services for disabled citizens and shut-ins.

Freelance writing is a good activity that can bring in a part-time income. From writing for blogs to submitting articles to Helium, Constant Content and many online publishers, many a senior can earn a moderate income. Resume writing is always a need for students applying for work. New businesses with limited budgets look for someone who can write interesting ad copy. Every website, blog and newsletters need good quality content. Those with graphic skills can easily turn their knowledge into dollars.

Many a senior works alongside students as security guards. The jobs are simple and don’t require carrying weapons. Only a few patrols and the rest of the time can be used to increase income through other avenues such as freelance writing. Low wages does not mean the guard must put himself in the line of danger.

Assistant resident aides are in demand as the population ages. Many a nursing home or hospital could use some help so they can attend to their duties for the health and safety of their patients. Nursery staff often need someone who can organize wedding anniversaries, birthday parties and holiday events.

Retired seniors do not need to languish watching soap operas when there are activities that could bring them pleasure, added income and a renewed zest for life.