Best Performing Funds 2010

If you wish to make a large amount of money from your stocks and shares ISA then you need to find the best performing funds. During the recession many top funds took a hit meaning thousands of people seen the value of their stocks and shares ISAs fall dramatically. However during 2010 many funds have performed reasonably well giving people the opportunity to grow their stocks and shares ISAs.  With a possible maximum investment of £10200 there is plenty of opportunity to grow this sum of money with some of the best performing funds.  The best performing funds in 2010 so far are considered below.

BlackRock Gold and General A Inc

This particular fund focuses on investing in shares in gold, mining and other precious metals.  While this fund may be volatile it can also bring fantastic returns going by evidence provided by its 5 year history. An investment of £15071 in 2005 is worth around £33356 as of today.   In 2010 so far the value of this fund has grown by around 44%. However if you are planning on investing your full stocks and shares ISA entitlement on one fund  then remember that this fund has average risk, and you may wish to invest in a fund with lower risk. Generally investing in a single fund is not recommended and it is better to spread the risk between different types of funds.

Templeton Glbl Total Return A MDis

This is another top performing fund which has been doing well during 2010 and previous years.  The total return for 2010 so far stands at 29.4%.  It invests in fixed and floating rate debt securities and debt obligations of governments throughout the world.  It has had a much smaller growth compared to BlackRock, but if you had invested £10867 in 2007 your holding would now be worth £19606. This fund is associated with high risk, so if you do not like taking risks you may want to stick with BlackRock Gold or another lower risk fund.

GLG Global Corporate Bond Prof Inc

This fund invests in global investment trade bonds in order to help achieve an above average rate of return. The rate of growth 2010 so far has been impressive and as of today stands at 24.32%. Morningstar gives this fund a rating of 5 stars, and with average risk it may be worth it to make GLG Global Corporate Bond Prof Inc one of the funds you invest in.  This fund has been growing particularly well since 2008 and increased growth would see you making a good return on your money.

If you want to start a stocks and shares ISA then you may consider investing in some of these top performing funds. There are many more top performing funds but these three represent the best during 2010 so far. When investing please remember the value of your stocks and shares ISA can also fall.  Spreading your investment between different funds can help diversify this risk.