Best Personal Finance Websites

One of the main concerns of people nowadays is their struggle to handle personal finances. It’s a common problem of economics – allocating our scarce resources to satisfy our unlimited wants and needs.

Most people turn to the internet when looking for certain answers to certain questions regarding school works, office projects, gardening, home decorating, consumer reviews and job searching among others. Similarly, the internet can also be a great source for tips and tricks on managing one’s personal finances.

There are numerous personal finance websites and blogs out there that teach the value of financial literacy. They can be tried and tested formulas gathered from an individual or an expert’s experience in the field of money management.

Hence, the following is a summary of the best personal finance websites and blogs freely accessible and useful to internet users worldwide.

Fitz Villafuerte’s “Ready to be Rich” blog offers unique solutions to the most common personal finance problems. More so, this blog is aimed at helping individuals attain financial independence and break the chains of the so-called corporate slavery. The articles posted in this blog are readily comprehensible even for those people who have no grasp of technical financial jargon.

Villafuerte is a freelancer and entrepreneur who learned and apply the concept of “making money work for one’s self.” He shares his stories of how he worked his way towards financial freedom.

The Simple

The Simple Dollar claims to be a blog that perfectly suits people who need both cents and sense. The blog provides a lot of useful information from saving, spending habits and the ever-effective “living below your means.”

The advice therein comes from Trent Hamm, a self-confessed spending maniac who had suffered from a financial meltdown. Hence, it carries so much weight because of the genuine personal touch in each and every word in his articles.

Get Rich

Get Rich Slowly, from the name it self, is a website designed to teach methods on how wealth is generated. The main underlying assumption is wealth is built slowly.

It gives advice on career paths, smart spending, money management and a lot of other personal finance basics.


Saving Advice focuses on a wide range of personal finance topics. It has a library of articles on budgeting, insurance, investing, credit card debt management, money making ventures and how to save up for one’s retirement.

The website is maintained by four personal finance “gurus,” David Mitchell, Jennifer Derrick, Sadie Morris and Maggie Ellis.