Best Places for Hiding Money at Home

It is always a good idea to keep some cash at home. This is a good precaution, because financial institutions can, and often do, go bankrupt. Thieves can also obtain your personal information and get loans in your name. If you are unlucky, money in your bank accounts will then be confiscated to pay these debts. Thieves can also copy your credit card and clear your account. These are just few of many possible reasons to keep at least a third of your savings at home.

The only problem is finding the right places to hide the bellowed cash. Your house or apartment can be broken into. Thieves will surely search for any potential hideouts. Well, at least those they would suspect to contain any valuables. ”So, what are the best places for hiding money at home?” you might ask. The answer could seem very simple, but beware! The places that will come to your mind in the first place are usually the places that will come to thief’s mind too. So, search for the odd and unlikely places. I will give you a few suggestions.

Use bag of flour or sugar

Of course, you need to put your money into tightly sealed case. It is also good to have at least two or three packages of the same product. You should hide your money into the unused one and then seal it again so it would look like an unopened reserve package. This would lower the likeliness of money being discovered by a thief. In fact, most thieves would probably suspect an opened bag of goodies to be a hideout for some valuables. However, only a few thieves would suspect unopened bag.

Hollowed items

They are another good hideout for your cash. However, common sense will tell most thieves to look for such items. Paintings, cans, vases and books are most likely to be suspected so avoid using them. Although, books can be used in case you have several hundreds or thousands of pieces in your collection. Some items can have hollow interior covered (for example table lamps) and thus invisible. Though, you should be careful when using these items. It is a good idea to glue the case, in which you stored the money, to the interior of this item. When this is done, thief can shake the item without having a chance to find out that something is inside.

Bury them

I know that this may sound funny, but it is the best you can do. Of course, you have to do it properly. Put the money into waterproof package. Plastic package is the best for this purpose. Then you can either bury it in your backyard or under some plant in your apartment. If it is in your backyard then mark the spot by planting some flowers and do not forget why you planted them there. Planting flowers will also provide a cover-activity so that even your neighbors will know nothing about the buried money.

Dip them into cleaner

Buy some extra bottle of cleaner. The one of dark color will do the best. Put the content of the bottle into some other bottle and glue casing with your money to the inner-side of cleaner bottle. Put enough cleaner to cover the money back into the bottle. You do not want it to look unused, because thief might open it and look inside. However, be careful not to put money into casing that is not tightly sealed and resistant to the cleaner. Otherwise the casing could deteriorate and expose money to the cleaner.

Use the bin

If you have two bins at your home, you can use one of them as a hideout for the cash. However, it is important not to use the one in your kitchen. Also remember not to throw any food remnants into the hideout bin. Remember that its content is supposed to only look like real trash. However, some thieves will go through your trash. They will empty the bin onto the floor to see if there is anything valuable to them. The chance is they will just be looking for some papers containing your personal or bank account details. Anyway, precautions can be done to prevent them from discovering your money. The easiest thing to do is hide the money in some package that is a part of the “trash”.

Hide them in appliances

Many appliances have hollow places inside between the components they are made of. These places are great for hiding the money. Of course, you need to use appliances that are unlikely to get stolen. Fine examples are fridge, washing machine and other similar appliances that are usually too big or cheap for a thief to be worth stealing. Never hide your money in brand-new and expensive appliances.

I strongly recommend splitting your savings into smaller stacks and hiding them at different places. This way you will not lose everything in case thief gets lucky. Also consider making a list of all places where you put the money. By doing this, you will not risk forgetting about some of your hidden stacks. However, be careful not to place this list anywhere where it can be easily found. In fact, it is good to split the list in two or three smaller separate lists and glue them to pages in some useless book. All you need to remember then is that you have made these lists and which book you used to hide them.