Best Places for Hiding Money at Home

Some of us aren’t in great standing with the bank. Some of us just want to have the money on hand. Whatever the reason, here are some secure places to hide your stash of cash.

1. In a safe. This is probably the best place. You can hide it behind a picture (what a cliche!) or simply in your wardrobe; wherever you choose to secure it you can rest assured that it can only be opened by you.

2. Between the pages of a book. Make sure it’s somewhere you won’t forget (you probably won’t forget, but this is just in case). If you’ve been known to suffer frequent bouts of amnesia try a book related to money (remember in National Treasure? The money was hidden in a book called Common Sense) such as Bill Gates’ biography.

3. How about a case for a DVD? Burglars normally break into a house to steal money or high-end products, not DVDs.

4. If you have a cassette player you can hide some notes (NOT coins, or you’ll break the machine forever!) in the tape deck. The same can go for CD players and portable CD players (i.e. Walkman).

5. In the pocket of your oldest, dirtiest and cheapest jacket. Burglars will never think to look there, but they might look in your $100 leather jacket.

6. In an empty bottle of wine. Hide this in a wine cellar or a pantry (larder) – not in plain view. You can push lots of money in here, but keep in mind you won’t be able to dig it out unless you smash it open… or if you’re using small coins, you may be able to use the neck of the bottle.

7. Here’s a cliche for you. Your shoe. If you’ve got any old shoes that don’t fit you any more, cram some cash into the toe of the shoe. No burglar wants an old shoe, so what are you worrying about?

8. Of course, there are many more… baskets, water bottles, glasses cases, tissue boxes, computer cases, empty light bulb packaging, drawers, my wallet, your wallet, a neighbour’s house, a cookie jar, a toy box, a money box, under the sofa cushions, a camera case, in a cosmetic or perfume bottle…

Remember, the best place for your money is the bank. It might get stolen… but then you won’t actually lose your money. You’ll even get interest too.