Best Places for Retirees to Find Work

The best places for retirees to find work are often the least expected. Sometimes a retiree can be lucky and find ‘other’ work immediately. At other times, it takes some effort.

For some, retirement means no longer working, but not everyone wants to quit working just because he or she has reached retirement age. For you or others, retirement may mean that you have a pension that replaces your salary. It may signify financial security for you, but if it does not, then as a retiree you will need to find work, or better still, find work that generates additional income.

Consider the following tips about the best places for retirees to find work.

Where should you and other retirees begin to look for work? suggests that they are “filling a void by helping older workers keep their skills and expertise on the job.” “Senior Living” suggests that the best place to work post retirement may be the place where you are already working. Can you stay on there after your retirement?  

For others, the best place to work may be at home. There may be things that you can do at home, or from your own home, that will generate extra income for you. Many retirees, with an eye to the future, have established concrete plans in this regard. If this is the case, a home-based business that is already established may be the best place for you to work as a retiree. No longer is there the stress of having to contend with outside employment and employers.  

Working after retirement may mean going out to do seasonal work for places like motels, gardening or landscaping centers. Small businesses like restaurants, call centers, day care centers or private nursing homes hire casual employees who are retired, but still desire to work.

At times retirement comes early and is unanticipated or unexpected. Finding outside work post retirement may not be that easy, particularly if where there are large numbers of workers forced to retire, at the same time. The competition may be fierce in employment centers.

A retiree may have to draw on his or her own unique skills related to specific hobbies like photography, music or art, in order to create his or her own work. He or she can do any amount of work, as there really are no limits to available work, unless the retiree has physical, mental or emotional limitations. The trick may be to find something that pays the retiree an appropriate amount of money, at the same time. How can you, as a retiree, generate sufficient income to supplement your old age pension?

How should you go about finding the best place for you to work as a retiree? Remember that everyone is different and wants to do different things upon retirement. Perhaps you have ideas about post-retirement work. Others may not always understand or agree with them, but they are not the one who is retiring.

Begin by drawing up a resume reflecting your previous educational and employment experience. Add your areas of expertise, additional skills and training programs. Obtain appropriate references from former employers or organizations you are associated with, or have worked for in the past. Do not focus on your age or your retirement status, but instead on what you can do for an employer or a company.

Begin searching for work online, using your computer skills. Upgrade skills as necessary. Once your online resume is ready, send copies of it to potential employers via e-mail or print copies and deliver them in person, at the same time making contact with local employment agencies regarding available work in your immediate area. Make certain that you include your e-mail address, fax and telephone number.

Many large companies, businesses and organizations will also hire retirees. These places can be an excellent place of employment. For example, you may find work in their security department, or work as a greeter in a mall. The salary scale may be lower for retirees, but with your pension, you may be able to survive, even thrive, financially.

Some employers will not hire retirees, so it may take a while to find appropriate work.

Do not give up, as there still are compassionate companies and organizations who hire retirees immediately. They welcome the high level of expertise and experience that retirees have. Many retirees have excellent people-related or work-related skills they can draw from to enhance their companies or organizations.

It may be possible to work with a volunteer agency or organization for a while, in order to become familiar with a new community and its job opportunities for retirees. Brainstorm with other retirees in the area and see what they are doing. You may be able to work with them.  

Think positive in terms of finding work as a retiree, and know you will succeed.