Best Places to Retire outside of the us

Cost of living is increasing in the US. This is one of the reasons why many senior American citizens are seeking affordable and quality retirement abroad. The technology (like email and Skype) enables them to stay connected with their family and friends at home. There are many good locations outside the US which are pleasant and where cost of living is affordable. 

Ecuador is a presidential republic located in South America. Excellent weather and good medical care have made this wonderful country the top spot for retirees. Ecuador has been voted the best nation in the world to retire to more than once. Cost of living is low when compared to the US. Real estate prices are affordable. Ecuador offers good healthcare facilities at reasonable cost. The country has a tropical climate. Roman Catholicism is the main religion of Ecuador.

Italy is a great country to settle down after retirement. It is located in the southeast part of Europe. It has a diverse landscape and climate. This democratic republic is ranked world’s twenty third most developed country. It has a capitalist economy with high GDP per capita. Italians enjoy a very high standard of living. The cost of living in Italy is lesser when compared to other European countries like France and Germany. The country has a well developed infrastructure.

Mexico (United Mexican States) is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Mexico shares its northern border with the Unites States of America. This is an important reason why Mexico is one of the top retirement destinations outside the US. Cost of living is lesser when compared to the US. Climate is excellent in this country.  Mexico is blessed with the beauty of nature. The climate in Mexico is tropical to temperate.

India is located in southern Asia. It is a federal constitutional republic with a parliamentary democracy. Seniors aspiring to lead a spiritual life after retirement may consider settling down in India. The country has a rich spiritual heritage. Cost of living is lesser when compared to the US. Healthcare facilities are adequate and are less expensive. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is a member of the United Nations. Many US. citizens are working in various MNCs in India (like IBM, Microsoft and Dell).

Argentina is the second largest country in South America. It is an emerging economy and a federal representative democratic republic. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. This city is often referred to as “The Paris of South America”. Real estate is inexpensive in Argentina. Cost of living is low when compared to the US. Argentina is a good country to settle down after retirement. 

Panama is the southernmost country of Central America. It is a presidential representative democratic republic. People of Panama are known for their hospitality. Panama has a tropical climate. Cost of living is low when compared to the U.S. Panama offers beautiful beaches. 

Portugal is located in the southwest part of Europe. It is a developed country. It is the 13th most peaceful country in the world. This country offers many attractions for retired people like golf, restaurants and beaches. Cost of living is low when compared to the U.S. Portugal has a warm Mediterranean climate. The country is famous for its laid-back attitude. 

Costa Rica is located in Central America. As per New Economics Foundation survey, Costa Rica is the “greenest” country in the world. It also ranks first in the “Happy Planet Index”. Cost of living is low when compared to the US. The climate is tropical throughout the year. The country is home to wide variety of flora and fauna. The people of Costa Rica enjoy good health with high life expectancy. The country is famous for its good quality medical facilities. Roman Catholicism is the official state religion. 

Belize is located in the northern part of Central America. This exotic country is a constitutional monarchy. English is the official language of Belize. This tropical paradise offers many recreational activities for retired people. Health care facilities are good and are inexpensive. Cost of living is low when compared to the US. The government has introduced Retired Persons Incentive Program. Belize is growing as a popular retirement location. With the US just a stone’s throw away, this exotic country is ideal for retirees. 

Seniors may decide on the location based on how they would like to spend time after retirement.