Best Places to Retire outside of the us

With the growth of the internet and more ways to connect from various parts of the world many Americans more choosing to live abroad.  With gorgeous locations and affordable living, many Americans can live quite well on amounts of money that they they would struggle to get by on in the United States.

Because of the internet, communicated with friends and family is only a mouse-click away this allows people to be close to their loved ones even when far away.  Because of all of these factors Americans living abroad are becoming more and more prevalent.  But what are the best places to retire outside of the US?  What are the places that extend hospitality to the US retirees, have incredible weather and locations, access to decent medical care and a cost of living that can be beat

-To find the Best places to retire outside of the US, you simply need to know your A,B, C’s-

A- Is for Argentina: 

Argentina is country that has a lot going for retirees.  Buenas Aires is a cultured city with a lot to do.  It has cathedrals, nightlife, operas and much more.  The process are still reasonable, though they are trending upward, Argentina is still a good place for US retirees to make a great life. (Find out more about Argentina in AARP 7-2010)

B- Is for Belize: 

One reason Belize stand out for many is the language.  It is a beautiful exotic location, with everything from Mayan ruins to quaint little seashore homes.  Yet with all the exotic nature of the area thrown in there is something that seems normal to the American retiree.  The attitudes and customs may be radically different, but the language remains the same. Of the other place to retire Belize is also geographically the closest to the United States, making it no more than a medium plane flight to return to the United States.  Belize is a safe bet with great cost-of-living yet many of the luxuries of being close to the US.  (Find out more about Belize in AARP 7-2010)

C- Is for Cascias, Portugal: 

Portugal has history.  It has castles and quaint villages.  It is not, “cheap” to live in by any means, but it is less expensive than any other part of Western Europe.  Cascais is a beautiful resort town not far from the capitol.  (Find out more about Cascais in AARP 7-2010)

Just like the Alphabet, the “ABC’s of living abroad” is just the start.  There are many countries that have thriving communities of US Ex-pats who lead great lives a little bit off the beaten paths. The best places to retire outside of the US are not hard to find there are many countries out there who extend a hand to expat communities and have favorable tax laws, cost-of-living, health-care and much more.