Best Places to Retire Overseas on a Budget

Retiring is every employee’s dream, but in today’s economy, with many retirement accounts having been affected by the recession, it can seem to loom just out of reach on the horizon. There are options that still make retirement available to these people. If one goes about it with an open mind and a sense of humor, one can find a way to retire overseas and still live within a very reasonable budget.


Panama offers many great amenities including the low cost of living and it’s close to the United States if one needs to travel back and forth often. With tax incentives to foreigners and the American dollar as the local monetary currency this move works well for many retirees.


The Bearn area in the southwest of France is actually very affordable. A pretty region frequently overlooked by foreigners. The locals are very friendly and welcome newcomers. With it’s rolling wooded countryside and delicious foods and wines this region is a welcome change of pace for many retiree’s with an income of as little as $2,500 per month.


Consider Nha Trang. A pretty seaside resort area in Vietnam. One can live here for less than $900 per month and that includes a $350 one bedroom apartment within walking distance of the beach. In many cases this even includes housekeeping.

For those who enjoy visiting family and friends retiring overseas might not be a viable option. Of course, if family and friends like to travel it might work out just perfectly as family and friends stop in for a visit taking their own vacations.

Keep an open mind and a sense of humor available when retiring abroad. It might be more like a scavenger hunt when grocery shopping but the treasures one finds may well be found no where else. Services improve by the year, and many will find they actually prefer the slower paced life and the “lack of luxury” compared to the hustle and bustle of living in a big city and dealing with everyday traffic.

One reminder is to remember that in foreign countries business hours may vary widely and close at what seems an inopportune time. Learning to stand in line to pay bills and adjust expectations will greatly help reduce the stress of this new style of living.

Although retiring overseas isn’t for everyone, for those who are willing to venture out it might just be the perfect retirement oasis.