Best Places to Sell your Stuff

If you’ve got a lot of junk in your garage or if you want to market an item you own which is absolutely amazing, but don’t know where to sell it, check out the list below. Selling an item is never easy. It’s tougher to make someone buy something than it is to buy it yourself.

If you want to sell a product, you should know where to place it. There’s no point in placing a million dollar painting in a nursery art gallery! In the same way, you should always do your homework before placing an item for sale. You’ll be amazed at how many people might actually want to buy your product. You just need to know where to keep it. Remember, if it’s good, people will buy it.

Option 1
Your Front yard
Although you probably won’t be able to turn into ‘Bill Gates’ by selling your stuff at yard sales, you can still earn a reasonable amount of cash with things you have lying around your house. If they are in good condition, people are willing to buy used clothes and other household items. The best part is that there are no hassles in this method. In most cases you don’t have to register anywhere or get permission from anyone (Some places do require a permit to hold yard sales). You just choose items worth selling and place them on your yard. Cost may range from $10 -$20.

Option 2
The World Wide Web
As E-Commerce flourished, numerous sites emerged which let you sell your stuff while sitting at home. The best part about this method is that it’ll attract thousands of buyers from all over the world. Popular sites like eBay and Amazon have listings for just about every item sold on earth.  You need a bit of preparation if you want to sell online, but it’s worth it. It won’t cost you much to place the auction, but in case it attracts potential buyers, you’ll have to pay roughly 10% of your item to the site. The overall cost depends on the item you sell.

Option 3
Auction houses
If you are the proud owner of something rare or antique, try placing it at an auction house. Different levels exist for this arrangement. There are the top players like Christie’s and Sotheby’s who sell items for millions of dollars and local auction houses which sell less rarefied items. Finding a suitable auction house is perhaps the hardest part about this method. You’ll have to do a bit of research if you want to get it just right. Nevertheless, your efforts will be worth it. Cost may range from around 10%-20% depending on the auction house.

Option 4
Advertisements in the classifieds column
Potential buyers always look through the classifieds page. If they spot anything that catches their eye, they will try to buy it. You can also try advertising on online pages like Craigslist. Costs are next to nothing but results may surprise you.