Best Sites for Online Coupons

Coupons are still a great way to save a lot of money, but now there’s a much better way to obtain them – the Internet. Searching online for coupons is quick and easy, and if it means saving a buck or two, why not take the time to look around? Below are the top 5 websites to find online coupons that are perfect for your shopping needs.

1. Offering coupons for over 50,000 stores, RetailMeNot is unique because it offers a variety of both coupon codes (coupons for online stores) and printable coupons. For printable coupons, all you have to do is click on the “printable coupons” tab and search for whatever store or brand you’re looking to get a coupon for. You can also choose to search under the “grocery coupons” tab, where you can find numerous coupons for food and other groceries at numerous chains and stores.

What’s also great about RetailMeNot is their community of users, who comment on certain coupon codes to tell you if they worked or not. Since most coupon codes are submitted by other users, it’s up to the community to tell you whether they’re trustworthy or even if they’ve already expired. You can sign up for email alerts every time your favorite retailer has posted new coupons.

2. Numerous coupons can be found at CouponMom. Seen as a reliable and accurate source for finding coupons, CouponMom offers coupons for nearly everything you could possibly be looking for. Coupon codes and printable coupons are available. All you have to do is click one of the tabs at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for. They also offer several promotions and contests from time to time that you can enter, so take the time to check out CouponMom.

3. This is one of my favorite websites for online coupons, simply because it is easy to navigate. Thousands of coupons are available with the click of a button. On the home page, in the center, is a list of the most recently-added printable coupons. Covering a wide variety of brands and items, you can click through them to see one you might want to print off and use. Meanwhile, tabs for “local coupons” and “coupon codes” can also be clicked at the top, where great deals can be found. You can also become a member of and get exclusive deals through email or at their “Member Center.”

4. What’s great about CouponCabin is their easy to navigate and very organized website structure. On their home page, they list numerous deals and coupons to take advantage of, listed under online, printable, local, grocery, and deals. Also on the homepage are options to find coupons under different items, including shoes, apparel, home & garden, toys, and health & beauty.

If you don’t feel like browsing, you can search the site for specific coupons. At the top of the page, you can also click under headings to restrict your search. Coupons are organized under sections for “Most Popular,” “Expiring Soon,” as well as “By Store” and “By Category,” among other things. CouponCabin is extremely easy to use and offers great deals for almost anywhere and anything, so I highly recommend checking it out.

5. CouponShack is great for finding the hottest and latest coupons around the web. They basically take a collection of coupons posted by other sites and add them to their own repertoire, giving you the best deals possible. You can search their homepage for great coupons, click on one of their headings at the top (including “new coupons,” “grocery deals,” and “hot deals”), search the site for any specific coupons, or read the blog (updated daily) for great money saving tips. You can also become a member for exclusive deals and coupons sent to you.

While these are my favorites, there are so many great websites out there for coupons that should not be ignored. may be a tad confusing to navigate, but their selection of coupons is near endless. This one is great for online shopping, as they specialize in user-submitted coupon codes. offers coupons broken down by category. Under the slogan “savings made simple,” finding coupons really is simple at CoolSavings. You can also join their community to talk about the best coupons available.

One last word of advice – joining the mailing lists for different store and restaurant websites can get you some great coupons. JC Penny’s, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, among other stores offer coupons and discounts via email. Some of these discounts are ones that cannot be found anywhere else. Certain restaurant chains offer the same sort of thing. Denny’s, for example, has amazing offers if you join their mailing club.

Coupons are a great way to save money, and nowadays, online coupons are the way to go. They’re easy to find, easy to print out, and easy to use, so never be afraid to search online to see where the best deals lie.