Best Sites for Online Coupons

At a time when everyone is looking for effective ways to save money, one of the easiest and most cost effective ways may be no further away then our computer keyboards. There are many sites on the Web that offer coupons, and many of these sites are duplicates of what others have. Still, with the wealth of sites that offer both coupons and coupon codes, it is possible to save money regardless of whether you are shopping for food, clothing or other things. You can save money shopping on the Internet or shopping in stores.

Here is a look at some of the best online sites for coupons.


If you are looking for grocery coupons, there are many places from which to get free coupons.

*The Grocery Coupon Network –

The Grocery Coupon Network is a great resource because it makes it very easy to see what is available and you can keep track of the amount of money you are saving with the coupons you choose. It also has coupons that are specific to various places, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not a coupon is something that is accepted by your grocery store.

MyGroceryDeals –

This is another great website that allows you to see what is on sale at a store that you shop at, and you can also see coupons that are available at the store you shop at. Additionally, this is one place where you can see all of the deals in a given week for all of the stores that are located in your area. Then you can see what coupons are available for a given store. This can save you time because it will allow you to decide whether you’d prefer to shop at one store over another.

*Coupon Mom –

Coupon Mom is probably the best site because it incorporates the coupons from many other sites into this one place, so you don’t have to go searching to find additional sites. Coupon Mom’s updates coincide with the dates on which all of the coupon sites update their coupons. What’s also great about Coupon Mom is that you can also easily print more than one coupon of things you use often.

*Smart Source –

Smart Source lists the same coupons online that tare available in the Sunday paper, so you can sit at your computer, choose what you know you will use and then print the coupons. Smart Source has a reasonable selection, but there is a lot of filler stuff, so you may find a lot of prepared and junk foods and a lot of non-food things.

*Coupons – is another good site that offers a huge selection of coupons. Typically, as with the other sites, their coupons are good for the entire month. You may also find many coupons that you have seen on other sites on, but that’s okay because you can use as many as you want until you reach the limit set by these companies.

*Eversave –

Eversave has an enormous selection of coupons, many of which are specific to regional areas. You will find that what you find on Eversave may duplicate what you found on, but Eversave usually has considerably more.

*Red Plum –

Red Plum is a less familiar one to most people, and it has fewer coupons than any of the other places. Nonetheless, it is a good place to look because you never know what you might find.

*UPromise –

UPromise offers some good coupons, but the down side of signing up to use this site is that you may also get inundated with unwanted junk mail. You can always look to see what is available and use what you want. Sometimes the hoops you have to jump through to get to the coupons on this site aren’t worth the trouble when you can find the same coupons elsewhere.


*CouponCraze –

If there is one site on the Internet that offers great coupons, that is CouponCraze. What they offer is coupon codes for many of the retailers that are most popular. They may also have coupons that you can print and take into retailers. Unlike other sites that offer mass coupons like this, Coupon Craze updates the coupon offerings on a daily basis and they remove offers as they expire.

The best aspect of CouponCraze is that they separate coupons that have imminent expiration dates so that you don’t get confused. You can find those to use if you want to, but they are separated from the mass of coupons listed. They also organize the coupons according to different categories, so that things like clothing is separated from electronics.

There are many sites on the Web that offer coupons. Some offer coupons that you can print while others are coupon codes that can be used for shopping on different websites. With printed coupons, you can get the same coupons from different sites, and this can  be especially profitable for products you use often or use in quantity. Unfortunately, when it comes to grocery coupons, you never know when the expiration date is until you actually print the coupon, so in most cases, you need to be able to use the coupon quickly in order to get the benefit. A savvy shopper who uses coupons, shops sales and takes further advantage of store coupons may be able to knock a large chunk of money off their weekly grocery bill. Who wouldn’t be pleased to save $20, $30, $40 or more dollars on their weekly grocery shopping trips.