Best Stock Investments for 2011

While making investment in the share market, the investors always seek to get profit out of such investment. Therefore the stockholders search such good stocks. The institutional investors make efficient analysis and then keep the funds with best stocks.  The individual shareholders may not have such analysis skills hence supposed to depend on the expert’s reports, assumptions, case studies etc.  Choosing of best stocks can be arrived by attempting sector analysis, valuation analysis, technical analysis and profitability analysis.

Before making the investment, the investors ensure to check the annual reports, quarterly reports of the company to assess the actual financial information of company.  Of course, the investors will decide such stocks that will generate highest dividend. Many companies will declare highest dividends, bonus issue etc. At that time, the investors should select the best sector. When there is dilemma to select stock if Real Estate Sector Company and Oil Gas sector company giving same financial strength, the investor must select Oil Gas sector, as the present Real Estate scenario is not best for investment.

The best stock investments for the 2011 can be chosen from various sectors. Out of other sectors, some of the following stocks found as best stocks those belong to sectors like Retailing, oil & gas, Computers & IT, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive etc.  As far as the Retailing and Consumer goods sector, the best stock will be Wal-Mart Stores Inc, In case of Oil and Gas, the stocks are Chevron Corporation, Devon Energy and Exxon Mobil Corporation. The other stocks from the companies like Procter & Gamble Co., Apple, Inc, General Electric Company, Dell Inc, Pfizer Incorporate, Sony Corporation, and IBM are treated best stocks for 2011. The high dividend stocks include Chevron Corporation, Shell, Reliance Petrochemicals, AT&T, Verizon Communications, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s Wal mart, Coca Cola, DuPont, Dow Chemical Company etc.

The safest investment is mutual funds and governments which involved low risk and low return. The successful investor always spread their investment in mixing high and low risk bonds.  Remember, the face value of the share is different from market value of the share. Market value of the share is usually higher than face value.  The performance, output and turnover of the company influences the market price and dividend of the company. To get profit from stocks, the investor can buy at lower rate and sell the shares at higher rate.  Alternatively, the investors buy the share and enjoy the dividend on annual basis.